Apple iTunes for Mac

iTunes can be considered as a most popular application for the management of the contents related to video and music ion a personal system which has made the app an indispensable portion of our digital

Snapheal Mac App

Are you in a real need to spend a whole lot of money so as to obtain a high quality photo editing tricks? If so, the application of Snapheal has been made as an assortment of some of the coolest features

App Store for iPhone & iPad Outgrosses Android

Since the inception of the App Store for iPhones and iPad products of Apple has been the largest application download service for all mobile based devices. According to a new report issued by a research

Automator Application

The application of Automator can be considered as one of the unsung heroes of Mac operating systems. With the help of this application, the user can automate the tasks that require to be […]

On This Day In 1996, Apple Acquired NeXT

On this day, in the year 1996, Apple made a huge payment for making a purchase of an application under the name of NeXT. This was the move which paved way for Steve Jobs to gain entry within the organization

iOS App Collection

the iOS application that has been issued this week comprises of a whole lot of arcade puzzle games. The first one is the combination of lessons that have been derived from the previous games of iPhones

Neu 1.2 for Mac Systems Released

Neu 1.2 for Mac operating systems have been announced by Elegant Chaos which is a major update to their file making utility. This application is quite simple in its functioning and makes it an easy process

100 New Pictures Added In Graphic Node’s App

Graphic Node is a graphic designing company which specializes in making templates, themes and illustrations for Mac operating systems has made an update to its Photo Stills pack of photographs and picture

BundlesForMac Web Development Toolkit

A Web Development Toolkit has been announced under the name of BundlesforMac which is inclusive of 10 great applications and is being offered with more than 90 percent off on its price for the next two