Create your To-Do List with TaskBadges

  Trying to figure out all those fancy apps can actually take more time out of your day than actually getting through your to-do list.Well,now there is a way to make things so […]

Share a single keyboard and mouse between multiple Macs

Have you ever thought about using a single keyboard and mouse between multiple Macs?How about using your keyboard and mouse,connected to your Mac,to control an additional PC,running Windows or Linux?Now it is possible,with […]

Apple releases Flashback malware killer

Two days after Apple promised to create a tool that will kill the Flashback malware on infected Macs,on Thursday the company officially released it.Yesterday’s latest Mac OS X Java update includes a tool

Reminders App for Mac – new feature!

The new Mac OS X !0.8 Mountain Lion now also has Reminders app,as well as iOS 5.The new thing about this app is that it will bring in its “geofencing” feature to all Mountain Lion-enabled Macs,which allows

Equip your iPad for school

Not so long ago Apple came up with iTunes U,which made it clear,that the company is aiming to make the iPad omnipresent in academia.It’s not a secret that the iPad is really growing […]

Vimari for Mac App Review

safari 5 is out in the wild

The invention of the mouse has made computing infinitely easier for users as navigation of the desktop is much quicker and more direct. However despite this convenience there are still a lot of […]

Fluid for Mac

The application of Fluid has a characteristic of creating out an application from within a website. If you have a much frequent use of a particular website, this application alone will come out to be quite