MoneyWiz 1.3.5 Review

Managing money is a pain unless you can afford an accountant but even then you have to pay them. I am all too familiar with how mind-numbing personal finance can be and the software designed to take care

Postbox 3.0.5 Review

Postbox has been a popular email client for some time now and many find it preferable to Apple’s OS X mail. This should come as no surprise as Postbox has always aimed to make emails as simple and user

Boom – Up to 11

I have yet to meet anyone who firmly believes that their laptop’s speakers are loud, clear and not at all tinny. It doesn’t matter how advanced the model is, chances are those little speakers have their

Apple Rejects Drone App

A controversial new app created independently by NYU student Josh Begley has been rejected by Apple on the grounds that it is supposedly “objectionable and crude”. The app in question, known as Drones+, […]

How to use Auto Save in Mountain Lion

A lot of us can’t even count how many times Auto Save saved us and our works during crunch time. It has been one of the best features in Lion, and now OS […]

OS X reinstallation

There’s been a lot of talks and comments about last week’s Trojan malware attack and the ways to solve the problem.If you figured out that the best decision for you would be to wipe your system and start

Download Instagram photos to your computer

Many of us that ever used Instagram wanted to download all the pics we’ve taken and we all know that there is no built-in option to do so. Luckily, there are several free […]