Tiled for iPhone and iPad App Review

Whatever device you use, you will probably have noticed that photo manipulation software is in no short supply. From the most basic free app to more complex Photoshop software, it is very easy to find

Doable for iPhone App Review

A lot of people seem to find it difficult to manage their time efficiently as well as simply getting things done on time. Others procrastinate too much and as a result struggle to meet deadlines, a problem

Physique Workout Tracker App Review

Exercising and working out is the kind of thing we should all do but mostly don’t. Sometimes we begin a fitness regime with honest intentions, usually in the first few weeks of January as the result of

GarageBand for iPad Review

The iPad has too many functions to list but chances are, whatever organisational, creative or any other plans you intend to carry out, there is a way to achieve it on the iPad. Now with GarageBand you

MacKeeper 2012 by ZeoBIT LLC

This week we decided to review a new version of software for Macs called MacKeeper 2012 by ZeoBIT LLC. MacKeeper has been around for a few years now and it gained a huge amount of fans all over the world

LifeLine Response for iPhone Review

There are many apps that have the aim of making life slightly more convenient, which is all well and good in the short term, but not so common is one that can actually […]

MacKeeper 2012 by ZeoBIT LLC review

  We decided to start this week with a review of a famous software for Macs called MacKeeper 2012 by ZeoBIT LLC.MacKeeper has been gathering positive feed-backs from its users all over the […]

Vuze for Mac

If you use the internet on a regular basis and enjoy watching things then chances are you have at least once attempted to combine the two activities by streaming a video online or, better yet, downloading

Kaspersky Security for Mac Review

The threat of a virus has never seemed to worry Mac owners as much as PC owners but the fact is they are out there, they are malicious and if you do suffer a security breach it could seriously damage your

Solar Walk for iPad Review

If you ever find yourself looking up at the night sky and wondering just what is out there then Solar Walk could be the app you are looking for and at just $0.99 from the App Store, there is nothing astronomical

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