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Snapheal Mac App

Are you in a real need to spend a whole lot of money so as to obtain a high quality photo editing tricks? If so, the application of Snapheal has been made as an assortment of some of the coolest features of Photoshop. The application has been developed by MacPhun and has packed it up with all the basic tools required for editing images.

In the days of medieval, removing an element within a photograph which is unwanted was not only painful but was also a very time consuming job. The previous way was to select that particular element and then fill the selection, or make use of the stamps or clone tools so as to methodically remove it. The application of Photoshop CS5 changed this process with the help of the content-aware healing utility tools.

The application of Snapheal was released on Wednesday on the Mac App Store and has been created in particular to this feature. With this app, the user has to simply highlight the that particular point in the picture with the help of the dedicated healing brush, now select one out of three available options and click on the Erase button so as to settle down all aspects in motion. You will notice that the results will turn out to be more positive than against the powerful editors of Adobe.

The Good

The application of Snapheal has been tested to be especially useful in erasing large elements from within a smooth background and generates out results which makes it very difficult to identify as there was something over there in the first place.

The program places the function of spot-healing on the front and center. It is said to be the first menu tab option, and the variety of buttons cannot be missed out. Moreover, the spot-healing tool can be explained as a neat example of this. There are only four buttons which holds all the control from within the selection procedure, an additional four buttons from which there are three choices for algorithm type, one so as to initiate the launching process along with a slider of brush diameter all around the palette.

Apart from this major function, Snapheal also has all the tools to remove the digital darkness elements such as cropping, color shifting, contrast as well as sharpening. Moreover, there are several additional features such as the de-noise slider, a palette of clone and stamp so as to erase out more precisely along with a Retouch palette which is a very solved set of masking features.

The Bad

The downside associated with the Snapheal is that it does not hold many options for the fine tuning aspects. Moreover, adjusting of curves or changing brush styles are facilitated in no way along with the absence of filters. There are no tools available for editing levels, an oddly posed omission.

On the other hand, working around on the screen can also be a bit difficult at times because making the use of a trackpad so as to move around, which is the feature of Photoshop, is not been made part of Snapheal.

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