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Smartening up your Magic Trackpad and Magic Mouse by Customization

Smartening up your Magic Trackpad and Magic Mouse by Customization

Apple likes to touch people’s lives, and so everything is touch enabled, and Macbooks come with Trackpad.

Users of desktop Mac get both the benefits. Magic Trackpad and Magic Mouse use touch. So it is all cool. But the missing part is that there are many features that do not come with standard trackpad and mouse software. Do you desire for more? Here is how you can get more:

Third party to the rescue

Look for third party software to get more control over your trackpad and mouse. One such app is Jitouch. It improves multitouch features of Mac devices. This encompasses all Mac Magic Trackpad and Magic Mouse.


The features of Trackpad include opening links in new tabs, Next and Previous tabs, closing tabs, quitting, refreshing, opening recently closed tabs, zooming and others.

Features of Magic Mouse are quite similar and include Expose, Desktop, and moving to neighboring space.

Confusion v/s abstraction

There are just too many features to get people confused, and maybe this is why Apple offers just the bare minimum features. But if you want more gestures, go for it. It might be difficult to get used to, but would be very, very helpful.

And then there are shortcuts – just start writing F with your finger – and get Finder opened. B is for Browser. N is for New and S is for Save. Similarly O is for open. There are a lot of shortcuts for you to use.

A handy manual

These apps, like jitouch, are great and enhance the features of magic trackpad and magic mouse, but a manual might be necessary to keep track of all the features. It is almost like using a sign language to talk to Mac.

What do you think about this app? Do you want to enhance the features of magic trackpad and magic mouse or are you happy with the basic functionality? Do you like simplicity or features? Let us know about your views.

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