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Siri Coming To iPhone 4 and iPod Touches Thanks To Jailbreak Community

Siri Coming To iPhone 4 and iPod Touches Thanks To Jailbreak Community ?

As a lot of you will of heard one of the big features in the iPhone 4s is Siri. A lot of people have been asking questions about the compatibility of the feature (will it be available on the iPhone 4?). A few of you were expecting this feature to be brought to older generation devices by the Jailbreaking community and it looks like that is heading in the right direction. A short time after Apple announced that Siri would be iPhone 4s exclusive we heard from a member of the jail breaking community who said that someone is actually already working on it to port this feature to other iOS devices.Hackers iH8sn0w and Gojohnnyboi have already said they have managed to  port Apple’s Siri technology to the last generation iPod Touch already.  iH8sn0w then went on to say it is work in progress and there might be some important files for siri is which are not included in IOS 5 GM

iH8sn0w about the process :

“It’s definitely not just a plist value that you have to change in order to get Siri. Thus far, it has required a lot of searching and digging. After sending all the known information to John, I’m beginning to find that it is much harder than expected. We’re using an iPod touch 4G now but our aim is to port it to all devices that Apple won’t support. At this point, we’re unsure of whether Siri requires certain hardware components or not. At this point, we can’t say but are still trying. After buying the iPhone 4S myself, I will be looking to see if there are any new files that are not available on the current iOS 5 version. This might be our stopping point.”

(Statement Via Josh Tucker)

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