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Silicon Valley, The Valley Which Is Paved With Gold Or Is It

Earlier this week we seen a home hitting video from Bill Moyers called “Homeless in High Tech’s Shadow,” which does not show the spectacular offices spaces for employees but shows the other side to Silicon Valley which the mainstream media keep away from. 

Over the years Silicon Valley has become known for the big technology companies and a lot of people move to the Valley to live the Silicon Valley dream but this piece brings the dream back to reality and shows that getting a job at some of the big players such as Google and Apple does not mean you are set up for a safe and secure life.

Google is well known for making sure their employes are well looked after and one of the advantages is many free cafeterias but in the video we here from an ex Google employee who worked in one of these cafeterias but was fired after they did background checks and found he had a previous criminal conviction. The firing resulted in him now becoming homeless.

The video also points out how the previous demand for components in the Valley has also affected families and people living in the area after the video shows a 54 year old  ex National Semiconductor employee who says now she has nothing to her name.

Until now it appears the a lot of people have been stuck in the “Silicon Valley bubble” and need to start paying attention to the problem which they have been ignoring for so long.

It is worth pointing out that the rich such as Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg give $100 million to Newark N.J back in 2010 and also $500 million to the Silicon Valley Community Foundation in 2012. Global environmental and health projects in the area also received a donation of  around $11 million in 2011.

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