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Shuttie – Restart or Shut Down Your Mac Without Much Effort

Shuttie – Restart or Shut Down Your Mac Without Much Effort

Going back to the era of our parents, life was very complicated. People did not even have remotes for their TVs. There was just one TV for the entire family, and they had to move to increase or decrease the volume.

They say necessity is the mother of invention, and so they must have thought, “Hey, how about a wireless device to control the TV from a distance? It could make us gazillions of dollars!”

Necessity is also the mother of an app – Shuttie. It is an inexpensive app which does your work when you feel lazy.

Do you want to shut down the Mac system at a designated time? Shuttie will do that- and even more than that as well. Select Logout, Sleep, Restart or Shut Down.

You will be able to give a time in hours and minutes. Now click on Activate.

Now Shuttie will follow your orders and let the computer do the assigned task, like if you are downloading a movie. It is like when you are watching a movie while sitting in your bed, and you don’t have the remote. You will have to get up and shut down the TV once the movie is over. To escape the extra work, you set a timer in your TV.

Similarly, you can set up Shuttie for your Mac, and watch a movie or download a file. Plus it costs less than one dollar- and its looks cool too!

To activate Shuttie, you have to use your trackpad or keyboard. But once you have done that, Shuttie will take over and you can relax and sleep while the movie is going on. There are no problems since Shuttie is on guard.

What are your views about Shuttie? Do you think it is a useful app? We all download files off the internet one time or the other. Do you think Shuttie will help in such a case? Let us know about your views through the comment section.

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