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Shazam Application Review

Shazam Application Review

Wow, what an app, im shocked. How does it do it? How many songs can it recognise? This has to be better than doddle jump, im sorry in not much of a gamer im more of someone who prefers utilities. This has topped everything! Its amazing.

Sorry, for those of you who don’t know what is Shazam (your missing out!). It allows you to recognize any song just by putting your device near the audio source.

It will work the song out in about 7 seconds and it can work on any crap internet connection. Even if you do not have internet on your iPod you can wait till you get back and then find out what song it is.

Its great and so useful, I discovered loads of new songs from it. Also, another cool thing about it is that it integrates with itunes, so you can download it at the press of a button, spotify if you prefer streaming and  even lyric finders!.

Of course you can do the usual and email it to a friend, or tweet it, or facebook it.

I think its such an amazing app and urge you to get it as it will save the moments of ‘what the heck is this song?’
Please let me know your thoughts!


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