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Setting up EyeTV Remote Access

Setting up EyeTV Remote Access

This week we looked at the brilliant EyeTV App for iPhone and iPod Touch. The mobile application allows you to watch live and recorded TV over your local area network and with a compatible router, remote schedule recordings when you are miles away from your computer.

This quick tutorial covers how easy it is to set up EyeTV 3.2 for remote access.

This video is also on our YouTube Channel.

If your router can support the Back to My Mac feature then you will be to make full use of the remote access to your home EyeTV installation. You initially have to sign up for a My EyeTV account (free) which you can do in the preferences section of the EyeTV desktop application.

The process is quick and EyeTV will tell you if your router is able to support the service. Generally it is a matter of activitating UPnP or NAT-PMP or manually configure your router and/or use a dynamic DNS service.

The service didn’t work for us by default but a slight adjustment on the router and I was able to remotely schedule a recording over GPRS. The service works really well, obviously you can’t watch live TV over GPRS but all the other management services are available.

The EyeTV app requires a Mac computer (live TV streaming requires an Intel Core 2 Duo processor or better), EyeTV 3.2 or higher and a compatible TV tuner connected. Wi-Fi connection required for live TV.

To read our full review of the EyeTV App for iPhone / iPod Touch click here.
To buy the application click here (iTunes Link).

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