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Sensu Brush & Stylus

Creating art on our smartphones and tablets has become possible with the availability of great applications. Both the device’s hardware and software is lacking to create the exact experience you get from actual pencil/brush and paper.

Nevertheless, the technology is certainly heading in the right direction. Right now, the best thing you can do is accompany the artistic application with a good stylus. Let us look at the Sensu Brush, a stylus driving to improve the experience.

I have had my experiences with styluses of all shapes and sizes but what they all had in common is the quality. They were inexpensive solutions you can find on Amazon for $5 – $10. Either I would lose these cheap styluses or they would undoubtedly fail after a couple of months. I wasted tens of dollars on these things and looking back, I should have just invested in a premium stylus that would have lasted.

Capacitive touch screens as you already know can be used with our fingers or styluses that are compatible with capacitive touch screens. So sure, you can use your fingers to create your artwork but it just does not feel natural. Natural is creating brush art with a physical brush so it only makes sense to use a tool the mimics a brush for your digital brush art.

The Sensu brush is everything I had hope for in a premium stylus. The materials used screams quality as the feels great in the hands. It comes in either chrome or matte black. The chrome finish looks very nice but is a fingerprint magnet. It is roughly 5.5 inches in length when rubber ball is showing and the brush is stored away. When you “open” the stylus to bring out the brush, it is about 7 inches long. The thickness is slightly larger than a standard ballpoint pen. It is very easy to hold and you can really feel the quality of the Sensu brush.

The Sensu Brush gives users two experiences the first being a simple rubber ball that work on capacitive touch screens. The standard rubber ball end is what you would expect from all styluses. It is great for writing, sketches, and navigating through the operating system. I have noticed that the rubber material does accumulate dirty and dust that will cause the ball to fail. A simple wipe from a cloth, rag, or shirt will clean it right up and it will work again. After a couple of months of use, it is still full functional and very responsive when clean.

What makes this stylus special is the built-in brush that is also compatible with capacitive touch screens. The bristles are coated with the same material as the rubber ball allowing use to also use it as a stylus. It is responsive and when used with the right application you can create a nice brush stroke experience. It is important for me to specify that the Sensu Brush will not give you the brush effect on its own. You need to have the right application that has a brush tool to create the effect. The brush is technically only a stylus. However, it mimics the brush experience. It is all about familiarity and fell of having an actual brush in your hand to create brush art on your mobile device.

The Sensu Brush has given me exactly what I expected and needed. It provides two different stylus experiences but most importantly, it really brings the brush experience to my mobile devices. So far I have had a really good experience with the Sensu Brush. It has survived my everyday use for a couple of months not and it really feels like it is going to last. $39.99 is on the high-end but when I put it into perspective, it surely beats having to replace my cheap ones every couple of months.

My best experience with the Sensu brush is when I used it on my iPad with the Paper and Brushes applications. There brush built-in tools allows you to really have control of brush size. They really help to provide a true brush experience on the iPad. I didn’t find it to be all the useful on the iPhone 5 but it did work.

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