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Sensu Brush Review

One of the great things about the iPad and there really are many, is that you can things you would be able to do on a regular pad of paper, only this way it is easier to edit and you never run out of fresh sheets. One of the many activities you can enjoy here is painting, provided you download the appropriate app and you really are spoilt for choice when it comes to artistic apps. But even then when you have downloaded and launched it, something is still missing and that is the paint brush. Of course, you can use your fingers or buy a stylus but none of these seem to capture the feel of a paintbrush and it remains a pale imitation of the real thing. However, an accessory has come along to change all that.

The Sensu Brush is a very special stylus as it is designed specifically for use as a paintbrush. This is the first time a stylus has successfully captured the feel of a paintbrush and the Sensu Brush can be yours now for $39.99.

Don’t let its appearance fool you when you first take it out of the box. It may look like an everyday stylus but look closer and you’ll see that the tip of it can be removed to reveal what appears to be an actual brush. While it would be foolish to get paint on it, it does provide exactly the same function, only simulated on the iPad screen, but the results feel just like the real thing and you gain all the more control because of it.

Try it out on the painting app of your choice and you will not be disappointed. If you close your eyes you could be forgiven for thinking it was a genuine artist’s brush but open them again and you will be impressed with the results. The Sensu feels like a real brush and paints like one, as the screen will show, although obviously an inadequate app will not capture this so well. The best part is that the Sensu has pressure sensitivity built in, which works together with the screen to produce realistic brush strokes when you use it.

If you are a digital artist then the Sensu will prove to be an invaluable tool. With the tip on the end you can use it as a regular stylus and it is great for sketching, while with the tip removed you are treated to a very authentic painting experience. Of course, it cannot work miracles and you will not automatically create a masterpiece just for using it; that all depends on your skill level.

But if you are looking for a more authentic painting experience then this is the accessory for you. While it is intended for this very specific function it carries it out perfectly. The brush is lightweight and compact and transforms back into a regular stylus in seconds. It is relatively cheap and certainly offers value for money, especially since no batteries are required.

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