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Send Thousands of Emails from your Mac

Send Thousands of Emails from your Mac

Macs are really productive and efficient. Take an emailing app. Take thousands of email addresses. You will have your own spamming machine.

Or let’s say you don’t have malicious intentions. Mac can be a great device to communicate with people on Macs and PCs. Send custom emails to thousands of users. Don’t we all need lots and lots of emails?

Spam machine

Before you go looking for an app that can be used for illegal purposes, let’s find out what’s going on in the Mac App land. Newer apps are coming each day.

It does not take a lot of hard work to make and deal a Mac app. If you want to send bulk emails, you do not need a legitimate website for it. Also, an app that allows you to send hundreds of customized mails with a single click can turn out to be a mighty useful one.

Mail fail

This app is called Massive Mail and it controls the legal aspects of emails. It sends personal email messages to people and it needs minimal work. Massive Mail has templates that you can use. You can make a template and add contents to your message. Then you can combine it with iCal, and then the messages will be sent automatically according to a given schedule – monthly, weekly, daily… whatever you want.

Value and Efficiency

This app has both value and efficiency. It also has the ability to create problems. If you leave it in wrong hands, it can lead to a lot of problems for email recipients. There are also many legal uses of this app. Use it to send mails to businesses and companies etc. And the interface of this app is simple as well.

It has impressive features. You can write HTML based emails or plain text messages. And you get to preview the email before sending it over. You can also use the address book and send messages to recipient groups.

But you might miss the goodies that usually come with commercial email apps- like a way to manage bounced mails, or some stats on delivered mails etc.

What do you think about email apps like Massive Mail? Do you cast your vote in favor or against the motion?

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