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Sell your pictures – Clashot App Review

Sell your pictures – Clashot App Review

Do you feel like you have a newspaper worthy front-page magazine celebrity shot? Don’t want to get ripped off by big agencies? Clashot aims to fix this problem by providing an Instagram style interface with the back bone of offering money to those whose photo’s could be on the next edition of Heat.

Essentially, Clashot allows you to take photos, share them with friends, create reports and then publish them to newspapers and agencies. If your photo is taken up by one of such companies, you are rewarded with a sum of money which can be retrieved through services like PayPal (More details of other services on the Clashot website).

If Depositphotos, the founders, think your image has potential it is published on their website which is constantly watched by publishing houses and leading news agencies.
Functionality wise, Clashot take a cut of the profits raised (56%) but you are awarded the remainder through secure services, so no dodgy deals this time. Users can add titles, description and tags to an image to speed up the process and allow easier targeting by agencies. If you are asking how much you can earn, yes so are we, prices vary depending on the agency picking up the photo and its quality.

Upon upload, images are featured on a home wall similar to Instagram which allows community members to comment and like the images. We get the impression that this app is a bit behind on the popularity side of things at the moment due to a lack of photos on current events being uploaded from users. Additionally, having categories that are empty doesn’t give the best of impressions. Nevertheless, the technology is there ready and waiting.

The interface designers have done a great job to make Clashot feel intuitive and natural. Small details like removing footers and headers upon scrolling down the home feed are features Facebook should take note of (It makes photos look more impressive by filling up a larger section of the screen than they would otherwise).

There is a lot in this app and evidently the designers have tried to make it fit together neatly but we felt some of the interfaces were slightly cluttered. With the recent update, images and buttons are crisps and clear which was a negative beforehand. All together, not a bad looking app!

Continuing on from the multitude of options available the developers have made a moderate attempt at tutorials to help first users find their way around. It appears some areas have useful guides like flashing buttons, highlights and blurred controls but this could be extended over the entire app. Small things like displaying “No messages” on the messages screen could reassure users rather than showing a blank screen which could be mistaken for a unload page. However, as pointed out earlier, what Clashot really does do well is provide a natural workflow which shows a strong focus at keeping the design simple.

Nothing is better than a free app, this is why Clashot got a 10 out of 10 for price on our ratings. But be aware, they do take a cut of the money earned through photos being bought from agencies and newspapers. This can be seen as a good point though since in order for Clashot to stay alive they need their users to make headliner photos, thus promoting you as best they can.

So yes, this app is similar to other photo-sharing apps that you can get, but with this one can earn you money securely and easily. It gives you a stronger connection between you and a newspaper. So next time you see something exciting, pull out your iPhone and snap away with Clashot.

Check out the Clashot’s website here or you can find their iOS app on itunes here.

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The functionality of this app is excellent, the offer of free money couldn’t advertise this category enough. This app is completely free meaning you can get started earning money without any initial costs. Design wise, this app is very good at imitating an intuitive interface. The ease of use of this app is great but can be a bit confusing with the amount of options available! All in all, a great product.
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