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Select the Right MacBook for your Needs

Select the Right MacBook for your Needs

Have you ever gone shopping for Macbooks? If no, now is just the right time. They are nicely designed, they are powerful and they are just totally awesome. All these ‘pros’ transfer MacBook to a really desirable gift. Apple has done everything to make them perfect, but selecting one out of so many is a hard task. Go to a Mac store and you will find so many choices that you wouldn’t know which one to buy. Here are a few features about each model to help you make the choice easily:


High on utilities, but also on price

You can get a MacBook for $999, and it is considered as a starter laptop, so it is generally purchased by students. But it is a misconception- it is not just a basic machine, but a powerful and advanced one, and though it lacks the elan of its aluminum clothed cousins, this tough and durable white MacBook has a lot to offer to all types of users.

What it has? It comes with an Intel 2.4 GHz processor along with Nvidia GeForce 320 M graphics, 8x Superdrive, 250GB hard disk drive, a mini DisplayPort (so you can connect an external monitor as well), 2 USB ports, and Gigabit Ethernet. All those connectors certainly make it a more-than-basic laptop. Plus you can connect just about any type of monitor using adapters that you can buy from the Apple Store.

If the MacBook misses one thing, it is FireWire. This is very important for users who use external hard disk drives working on FireWire. If you have one of those, then it is very difficult to connect them to your MacBook. So a MacBook Pro would suit you better.

Who uses it? If you need a Mac laptop for any kind of use- from home use to professional applications, then you need a MacBook. It is a rock solid laptop that will take any abuse and handle it well- thanks to its polycarbonate enveloping. Though it might seem expensive, but then thinking about other Mac laptop prices, it is rather cheap.

MacBook Pro

Powerful and diverse

The ‘Pro’ suffix of Macbook can mean a lot of things to various people. These laptops have an excellent feature of backlit keyboards that work great in dim light, like when you are sitting up all night preparing for a presentation to deliver the next morning. Then they also have more pre installed RAM than other MacBooks.

You can find a MacBook Pro in 13”, 15” and 17” configurations. MacBook Pro is the Apple laptop that serves the most purposes. From the 13” $1199 model to the 17” $2299 one, you have to shell out quite some money.

The 13” one is quite like the MacBook, except that you get some extra stuff for the extra $200 you spend, like double the amount of RAM, SD card slot, and backlit keyboard.

The 15” MacBook Pro is the laptop offered by Apple that is the most diverse of them all, and comes with Intel 2.53 GHz or 2.4 GHz Core i5 processors. It also has Nvidia’s GeFoe GT 3300 M graphic processor.

And now let’s talk about the best of the MacBook Pro series: the 17” model. Though it is huge looking, it is amazingly light and thin. It gives you whopping 1920X1200 pixels display, which is quite enough to view 2 pages consecutively. It comes with ExpressCard 34 slot, which allows you to connect to other devices, like USB3.0 and eSATA hard disk. It does lack the SD card slot though.

MacBook Pro 17” is certainly luxurious, but is it really required? Maybe not, so the 15” one might look like the better option if you like to get a lot of features, but your life does not depend on it.

MacBook Air

Lightweight revolution

MacBook Air has been redesigned and it is truly a sensation for the eyes. It is smaller and less expensive and it is so light that you will feel that you are holding an iPad. But it is loaded with features. It has everything that you would want from Apple. It runs fast and boots quickly, but it is a bit short on RAM and storage, though you can add more later. It does not come with optical drive or Ethernet, so you would need a USB adapter to connect it to Ethernet.

This laptop is for people who want diversity on the go. The latest design of MacBook makes it even more appealing, and cooler than the MacBook.

So now you can decide which MacBook to opt for. Take your pick.

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