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Seidio VITREO Tempered Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 5 and iPad

Seidio VITREO Tempered Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 5 & iPad

Protecting my device’s screen it at the top of my priority list. For the longest time I was settling for plastic screen protectors to protect my screen. They are inexpensive but they reduce screen quality, requires often replacing, and bubbles seem to always be an issue. After using tempered glass there is no way to go back to plastic screen protector. I have for you the Seidio VITREO tempered glass for the both the iPhone 5 and iPad. We are going to see how it performs in the real world.

The Seidio VITREO is a tempered glass screen protector with a thickness of 0.55mm, has a hardness rating of 9H, and has an oleophobic coating. The 9H hardness is great to prevent damage like scratches and abrasions. The oleophobic coating creates a resistant layer against markers, smudges, and fingerprints. The design of the tempered glass is set to cover the majority of the screen aside from two cutouts for the earpiece and home button. These screen protectors are identical in terms of experience with the only major difference being the size.

Packing contains:

  1. VITREO Screen Guard
  2. Microfiber Cloth
  3. Alcohol Wipe
  4. Plastic Pick
  5. 4 (four) Home Button Stickers

At first I found the idea of using glass to protect glass to be a bit comical. Now looking back it is comical that I ever used plastic screen protectors. These tempered glass screen protectors but the plastic variants to shame. The clarity is simply amazing as it does not hinder the viewing quality whatsoever. At a glance it does not look like there is even a screen protector on the device.

It is more noticeable to the touch as there is a silicone like feel to the finish of the tempered glass. The finish does not hamper with the touch sensitivity as it still very responsive. The thickness of the screen protector is noticeable even at only 0.5mm. Getting to the home button is no longer natural but Seidio provides a solution. They include 4 home button stickers that fit perfectly and are nearly identical to the home button design. These stickers add thickness to the home button surface to match the screen protector. It creates a more natural experience plus it makes the home button even easier to push.

Applying the VITREO take patience as you need to get this aligned perfectly. Luckily it is not difficult to lift the glass if you happen to misguide the glass. It took me about three attempts to get it right. VITREO is compatible with Seidio Active cases and other cases if you are looking to create a bundle of protection.

I had an experience with VITREO that pushed it to its limits. I accidently dropped my iPhone 5 that was covered by both VITREO and a simple snap on case. It landed on the bottom right corner then the screen on a tile surface. My VITREO screen protector cracked but fortunately nothing happened to my screen. Trust me they was a dreadful fall that happened to land at the right angle. Once I heard it fall I seriously thought my screen didn’t stand a chance. This prevention alone pays for the cost of the VITREO.

So far I have had an amazing experience with VITREO. It truly adds great protection for my screen without hindering anything of the screen quality. The Seidio Vitreo for the iPhone 5 retails for $39.99 and $69.99 through and ~$35 and ~$63 on Amazon. Original price is a bit over priced but it is still a good investment. Even with mine being shattered at a corner with a running hairline fracture running to the home button it is still doing its job.

SourcesSeidio VITREO (iPhone 5)
Seidio VITREO (iPad)

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