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Seidio OBEX Case for iPhone 5

Are you worried about your device getting water & physical damage? There are many manufactures out there that are starting to develop heavy duty cases that are waterproof amongst other proofs. Seidio has their own water proof case that is called OBEX that can be purchased solo or combed with a holster. Let’s take a closer look at OBEX to see if it can survive the elements.

OBEX is a case series built with advance technology to help to protect against the elements that include water, snow, mud, liquids, dust, and sand that are prone to damaging your iPhone. Of course the case also provides great protection from drops, dings, and scratches since the iPhone is basically in a cocoon.

The case is primarily made of plastic that covers the entire iPhone. It is made of two piece that attach together perfectly. There is a red band throughout the perimeter of the case that helps seal the case pieces together. Also the main reason water does not enter the case. By design there is a curvature on the back that helps with gripping your device as well as a cutout with clear plastic that shows off the Apple logo.

The physical buttons are covered by soften plastic making it easy to activate them. The latch at the bottom seals the same flexible material that protects the charging port & headphone jack. You can access those ports by simply removing the flaps which clearly won’t make the case waterproof while the flaps are off. The removable flap for the mute toggle could have been better implemented. It is a hassle having to remove the piece just to mute my iPhone plus I run the risk of losing the piece as it comes off completely. Not a deal breaker just an observation to an area that could have made the experience easier.

The clear protector covering the cameras, earpiece  microphones, & the screen are good quality. I had no issues with the quality of the photos or videos shoot with the case on the iPhone 5. The screen protector is good but not great. I felt that the quality could have been better. Out of the other waterproof cases this one did a great job with watermarks. There is a grip of small dots on the screen protector that prevents those watermarks. The dots are noticeable especially when the screen is white. I found it to be annoying as they stick out but they do have a function. Do note that if you already use a screen protector will have to take it off as it will interfere will touch sensitivity.

As nerve wreaking as it was I can confirm that the case is indeed waterproof.  Due to touch sensitivity the touch screen does not work while under water. However, if you start shooting a video while above water you can then go under water and take some really cool video. Seidio states that the “Obex case can go down to 1 meter (3 feet) deep under water for continuous submersion, or 2 meters (6 feet) for up to 30 minutes.”  The Obex is rated IP68 that is both dust tight aand waterproof.  The Obex also exceeds the MIL-STD-810G test making it durable against drops & compression.

I have zero cares in the world about my phone getting damaged while the OBEX is on my iPhone. The iPhone is still fully functional. Cases like these sacrifice the beautiful design of the iPhone. The case is bulky but if you have large hands this is actually a great thing. I find it easier to hold the iPhone 5 with the OBEX is on.

The OBEX is offered solo or as a combo that comes with a holster. It is a generic hoslter as perform as one for the most part. It does contain a unique locking mechanism that prevents the device from accidentally un-clipping in odd situations. It rotates 180 degrees with 7 different locking angles.

The retail price of $89.99 for the OBEX combo or $79.95 OBEX only is hard to justify for normal users. It is a great case but for those that need this type of protection. If you find yourself in harsh working conditions, dropping your device in water, or very clumsy then this case has everything you need.  I found it fun being able to a video under water. If you shop smart you can get the black OBEX combo for $60 on Amazon or the white OBEX (solo) for $50. That is much easier to justify and fork over as a consumer.

SourceSeidio OBEX iPhone 5 Case

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Accessibility to Controls






Sale Price



Pros: Amazing Protection, Relatively light weight, Waterproof, Holster Option, Screen Grid (serves a purpose)

Cons: Design, Lacks Flash/Style, Port Accessibility Could be better implemented, Screen Grid (Found it annoying as the dots are visible)

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