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Secure your Private Data with Knox

Secure your Private Data with Knox

One of the biggest issue facing business and the public sector is ensuring data is kept secure. Stories of data left on trains, stolen from cars demonstrates just how fragile our personal information actually is.

I have been investigating ways of keeping my data secure between computers, I had been using Bitclamp but it appears to have disappeared.

Bitclamp worked well on my local Mac but moving data from one computer to another always meant ensuring the app was installed on the host machine.

I reverted to encrypted zip files but the process of manually encrypting and decrypting made the process such a hassle I rarely bothered to encrypt data that really should have been kept secure. Welcome Knox.

Creating an Encrypted Volume

When you first load the software you will be prompted to create your first encrypted disk. You can store this anywhere on your Mac with the default being the documents folder. Storing your encrypted volumes in the docs folder is wise given you probably back this folder up regularly.

The image below shows how to create your first vault (note it also shows the advanced settings).

Encrypted vaults appear in the main finder window as a drive and you can also access them directly from desktop icons.

How Secure is Secure ?

Knox uses the Mac OS X encrypted disk images feature, the technology behind FileVault, to protect your data. This means that your vaults are encrypted by the U.S. Government’s new Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) with 256-bit or 128-bit key length.

The AES algorithm is secure, but don’t take our word for it: even the NSA has found its strength to be sufficient for protecting classified national security information. The implication? Your data will be safe whether it’s a kid or a rogue nation going after it.

Built in Backup

Not only does Knox offer data security in the form of encryption but it also offers the ability to backup your vaults automatically.

And because the encrypted disk images are supported as standard in Mac OS X, Knox vaults including whole disks encrypted with Knox can be opened even without Knox installed !

You can have total control over how Know works and and whether you want to access the app from the menubar or dock.

Going Mobile

One of the most annoying aspects of encrypted documents is moving between computers. Knox allows you to create encrypted volumes on any drive so this includes iDisk and Dropbox but it also allows you to encrypt entire drives. You can reformat USB sticks as encrypted Knox vaults. It is important to note that a vault can only be opened on one Mac at a time.

Right now, there’s no safeguard to prevent the same vault from being opened on multiple computers. For this reason, Agile Solutions recommend against storing your Knox vaults in your Dropbox folder or on your iDisk at this time, so you have been warned.

Really moving data between computers is made both simple and secure with Knox.

Accessing the Vaults

I have set Knox to appear in the menu bar so accessing my encrypted data is literally a click away. Better still you can even use Spotlight to search vaults with the ability of enabling or disabling the indexing separately for each vault. The Spotlight index is stored on the vault itself, ensuring that the contents are searchable only when the vault is open.


Get Knox (A demo is available).

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