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Screenflow 2 Review

Screenflow 2 Review

Telestream have just released version two of their incredible screencasting application Screenflow. We were lucky enough to be amongst a team of beta testers and I have been busting to talk about the application on TotalApps for a number of weeks, especially when some readers began to spot the transitions in our latest tutorials.

Actually when I say beta testing it was virtually impossible to find anything wrong with the releases we received. I used Screenflow 2 on both our ‘Setting up EyeTV remote access‘ and our Guitar Rig 4 Tutorial. I have been using the original Screenflow for a few years now and virtually all my niggles with the original version have been addressed in this release.

The really exciting improvement for me is the addition of video transitions. Transitions allow for a much more forgiving Screen recording workflow, if you make a mistake and you can easily edit out the error and cross dissolve to hide the fact it ever happened.

In the previous release I found editing out errors ended up looking a little jumpy in places. No more with the addition of both 2D and 3D transitions.

Screenflow 2 Review

So what is new in this release ?

Screenflow 2.0 is a substantial upgrade and in this review I am going to take you some of my favourite new features. I will say at this point if you are wondering if it is worth upgrading from version 1, the answer is a resounding yes !

YouTube Upload

You can now publish your Screencast direct to YouTube. I have been testing this feature over the last few weeks and I have to say it is flawless.

You literally add your account details, a description of the video and Screenflow does the rest. The following Guitar Rig tutorial was exported direct to YouTube and it even offers High Definition support !

YouTube Upload with ScreenFlow 2

Edit the Speed of Screencast

You mightn’t immediately think of this as a useful tool but I assure you as a veteran screencast maker it can be a real life saver. Screenflow 2.0 adds the ability to individually adjust the speed of your clips. This is useful if you adjust the voice over and need to make a section of video longer or  instead of cutting sections of your screencast out you can speed things up  to demonstrate a time-lapse of your screen recording.

If you have ever produced a Screencast you will know just how difficult it can be, nerves, and word stumbles can result in a large number of takes and retakes.

If you want to take a break during a long, continuous screen recording, Screenflow 2 adds unlimited pausing & resuming during the recording process. Your finished screen recording will appear as a single clip on the timeline.

Working with Audio

Screenflow has improved how it handles the audio track within your Screencast. In a single click you can detach the audio from the video in the timeline allowing you to edit the audio separately, and even copy/paste it into another project.

It is also possible to use audio ducking so that the background music level is automatically attenuated when a voiceover is playing.

Single Package Screencasts

When using the previous version of Screenflow I had a number of occasions where I had to revisit a screencast to export it in a different format. I discovered the hard way that image assets used in the document were referenced and thus if I deleted them form the hard drive they were now missing in my Screenflow document.

Screenflow 2 now gathers all the media used in your screencast into a document package when you save. This frees you from manually managing media on your disk and makes archiving and storing your screencasts a very simple process.

I have already mentioned the brilliant transition options, at start up you select your favourite transition that Screenflow will use as default although support has been added for both 2D and 3D video transitions across your clips. As you push your clips together, transitions are created automatically, making the whole workflow quick and easy.

Screenflow 2 Transitions

Improved Workflow

New keyboard shortcuts for resizing the timeline, zoom in and out, nudging clips and time overlays all make for a streamlined timeline. More context sensitive menus, support for the multiple selection of media sources and new track-pad gestures will keep you editing faster than ever.

I would like to see a graphic equaliser for controlling the audio recording. Even with an expensive Logitech headset mic the recording quality isn’t perfect. I don’t put the audio flaws done to Screenflow but the inclusion of a graphic equaliser for sound would allow for audio compensation for mics that are too tinney or bassey (two new words).


Screenflow is the definitive screencasting application, it is easy to use and makes creating professional desktop tutorials intuitive and exceptionally simple. If you work in education or training it is basically an essential piece of software. I have no hesitation in giving Screenflow 2.0 the TotalApps 5/5 software rating.

If you currently own Screenflow 1.0 you can upgrade to version 2.0 for $29.  Any questions about Screenflow 2.0 please feel free to ask in the comments below.

Screenflow Website

Win one of Two copies of Screenflow 2.0

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