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Screen Size Quandary of a MacBook Buyer

Screen Size Quandary of a MacBook Buyer

Apple came with a series of MabBook Air systems last year. When someone goes to buy a MacBook, their major concern is whether they should get 11” screen on 13” one? And would these screens be sufficient enough to become a substitute of a 15” display?

Your options

What is the complete range? Let’s take a look:

  • 11” screen -This is the smallest notebook from Apple, but it comes with the complete keyboard and is available only as a MacBook Air model.
  • 13” screen – This is the general laptop size and it is available as MacBook Pro and Air.
  • 15” screen – This is a little bigger model and gives more desktop area, but it gets less portable. It is available as a MacBook Pro model and is $100 more expensive.
  • 17” screen – This is not at all portable, but still, if you want an even bigger screen than 15”, you do have an option.


MacBook Air systems compensate a lot for their small size. This implies that the 13” Air gives the same configuration as 15” MacBook, and 11” Air gives same configuration as 13” MacBook.

The resolution becomes finer and things get smaller. But then you get extra portability in return.


If you are talking about MacBook Air, the 13” system will give you 0.46GHz advancement in processor speed, higher battery life and SD card slot. This is better than the 11” model. Same goes for other macBooks- the bigger the size, the better the configuration.

The 17” one

This one isn’t really a notebook. It is more like a desktop computer that comes with inbuilt battery. It is not portable. But the 17” ones are still famous, because they carry technology that is not possible to fit into smaller models.


So which MabBook is the best for you? And which side of the performance-screen tradeoff do you fall? Do write to us and let us know.

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