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Scanner Mini for iOS App Review

No one likes accounting or managing their personal finances but unfortunately it is one of those things in life we need to keep on top of. If you like to do all your accounting yourself and tend to move with the times then there is a good chance you do it all electronically. Now is certainly the best time to start if you don’t because there are all manner of accounting apps available from the App Store that make the process a lot quicker and more convenient than ever before. You may already be familiar with Scanner Pro, an app that lets you scan important documents or receipts and it now has a stripped-down, little brother for anyone who does not wish to purchase the full package. Scanner Mini is available now from the App Store and it is completely free.

If you want to be able to use your iPhone or iPad as a scanner and quickly record your receipts while out and about then Scanner Mini could be the answer for you. There are certain features missing that Pro has, for example you cannot fax or sync your scans with Dropbox, but if you do not need these then you might be better off with Mini. This smaller version works in exactly the same way as Scanner Pro, allowing you to turn your iOS device into a portable scanner for creating PDFs.

There are two ways to do this- you can either use the camera on the device there and then to capture a new document, or you can pull one from your own camera roll and go from there. With the image of the document open, you can then drag a box over the content, resize it appropriately and crop the capture to suit your needs. Alternatively you can just use one of the various presets if any of them corresponds to the document in question. There is also a handy Find Borders function to help you on your way.

Once this has been done you can then specify the colour of the image and switch it to black and white or grayscale if need be. This will in turn improve the quality of the resulting PDF and is a valuable feature considering the mistakes some scanners make. Whatever setting you choose, you can change it if you do not like the resulting image. With the adjustments complete you can then opt to add further images or save it and send it on to the app.

Scanner Mini is presented as a simpler alternative app for any iOS users looking for a free version of the Scanner Pro software. Naturally the options and features in this version are somewhat limited but the ones present work incredibly well and this could be all you need from it. When it comes to sharing your options include either using iCloud for backups or simply transferring your documents via cable so if you want more options than this, you may want to look into buying the full app. Otherwise, this version is perfectly adequate and very easy to use.

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