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Scanbot 3.0 Launches With iCloud Drive and Touch ID Support

Scanbot have announced that have reached 1 Million users and launched Scanbot 3.0 for iOS and its one of their biggest releases to date.

The new Scanbot 3.0 application will feature a new 2-way sync for iCloud Drive and Touch ID security.

Scanbot is the first Scanner App to offer a 2-way sync technology and this new sync reflects changes you made on any device in real-time on all your connected devices.

The Scanbot 3.0 team have drastically improved various aspects of the scanning experience and thanks to new grayscale and colour filters, your scans will be even more beautiful while cropping has also been refined.

Scanbot 3.0 now features a highly requested feature for our Pro users where they can now lock Scanbot 3.0 with a pass-code using an iPhone 5s or newer device they can also access Scanbot with Touch ID

The new Scanbot launched on October 9th and is now available to its fans on the App Store by clicking here

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