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ScaleMaster for Mac OS X

ScaleMaster for Mac OS X

Among many, scales are one of the most essential ingredients in the creating of music today. There are many times when a musician holds a very ambivalent relationship with the scales. This may partially be because of the rather stringent methods that are being practiced which involve a whole lot of use of scales as is known from the concept of classical music. There is, however, a lot more associated with the scales and with the application of ScaleMaster that has been developed especially for Mac operating systems that offers a lot of improvising to the musicians as well as song-authors are now equipped with a very valuable tool so as to start exploring along with the incorporation of these tools into their music by several different ways a high quality scale can offer.

The provided master list within the application of ScaleMaster can be considered as the base catalog of all the scales that are made available. There are more than 200 types that have been listed down and which can also be sorted out in an alphabetical order, or in the series of numbers within a scale tone (i.e. hexatonic, pentatonic, etc.) or even by rating. This rating system has been made a part so as to provide help in memorizing favorites as well as ranking of the usability which has a range of up to five stars. Moreover, the application of ScaleMaster has also been formulated to cover up all the aspects that are of church modes in the same form as they are derived from major and minor concepts within the classical model but, it is also inclusive of several other material such as the pentatonic scales to many other forms and styles of the music played around the world. It also holds a reasonably complete set of Indian Ragas, several of the bebop as well as blue flavored structures and several more of the lot.

The feature of Notation is also considered as very essential whenever there is the issue of treating theoretical concepts in music and the feature of notation view has been made as the centerpiece in the application of ScaleMaster. This feature has been designed to display out the name of the scale, its rating and notational representation along with the classification aspects. All these sales are displayed in an ascending and a descending order or a combination of both thereof. Moreover the Clef options also include treble, bass and alto. In addition the half-tone steps also indicate the staff as well as an additional display of the details which includes names of notes along with the provision of the interval for the purpose of rooting of all the tones of the scale.

On the other hand, for the fingering as well as for the visualization aspects, the application of ScaleMaster has a feature of virtual instruments that supports piano, bass, mandolin and the guitar. Moreover, all these instruments allow all possible shifts within the position and can be easily played with the help of a mouse. There are also several stringed instruments such as the guitar, bass and the mandolin can also be tuned in a custom manner which is quite common for all open tunings, as an example. On the other hand, the additional display of details includes names of notes for all the tones of scale along with the index or degree of the scale.

The application of ScaleMaster has been designed for an intermediate as well as any of the professional musicians, it is also considered as an excellent tool in the path of advancement in scales as well as in theory in particular, thereby, making it a lot easier to give a look up on a scale within seconds and also getting a n overview of a certain scale by carefully listening to it, or determining as to how it should be played on any instrument.

The highlighting features of the ScaleMaster include:

  • Four different types of scale views such as up, down and two other combinations.
  • 211 types of scales.
  • Adjustable position for nearly all the playing instruments.
  • Guitar, virtual bass, piano and mandolin instruments.
  • Scale ratings.
  • Also supportive for all left-handed instrument players.
  • Indication of the scale type.

The application has a system requirement of Mac OS X 10.6.6 or later and is tagged at a price of $9.99 USD. It has been made available from the Mac App Store within the Music category.

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