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Safari on Mac: An Underestimated, But Superb Web Browser

Safari on Mac: An Underestimated, But Superb Web Browser

Internet Explorer and Safari are the default web browsers of their respective operating units by in this era they are not considered as the best web browsers especially when the comparison is with Chrome and Firefox. Many people agree with the fact that these web browsers are quite underwhelming than other competitive browsers. But, there are still some aspects under which the most popular browsers also tend to have a drawback.

One of these areas is the memory usage issues with Chrome especially in the case MacBook Pro. The user is forced to limit him to a certain amount of tabs only. Moreover, the browser takes minutes just to shut down through which it can be considered as the application is quite heavy for the operating system. The launching of the browser is not speedy also and the surfing speed was not remarkable.

The major feature why most of the Mac users stick to Chrome for a longer period of time is the Simple Window Saver.  This feature is a type of replacement for bookmarks and is quite simple. All you have to do is to save the tabs running currently after it can be restored at any time the user requires to. A major point differentiating between Bookmarks and this feature is that the newly opened tabs are automatically saved once that tab or the entire window is closed. In this area too, issues arise, many a times when you restore the window, it gets started with as much as 15 tabs at a time. Working with this much tabs can turn out to be quite painful.

Similar and many other problem areas were also reported with the Firefox web browser on the Mac operating system soon after which it was realized that these web browsing applications are better compatible with Windows operating systems and Mac OS X holds an entire separate story.

The integration of Safari by Apple in Mac operating systems holds a well blended combination of both Firefox and Google Chrome which actually gave Safari a better and quick head start. The starting up and shutting down of Safari browser is relatively quicker than any other browser ion the Mac and once you start using the application, you will find out that it contains several other features as well which might turn out to be beneficial for the user.

Simple but Customizable User Interface

Since, Safari is the default browser of the Mac operating unit, it is designed to fit according to the ethos perfectly and this is where other web browsers are defeated. All the features and gestures perform simply perfectly and elegantly from the smooth swiping around pages, the look up feature, pinch-to-zoom feature, spell check and many other such specifications, all are there in Safari.

Moreover, the customization of the toolbar is also easy by rearranging, adding or removing buttons around and the working is similar to that of the Finder application. A problem with the browsing program was that a search cannot be made directly from the address bar, but, this problem was also solved by Apple after the launching of Safari OmniBar.

Reading List

The feature of Reading List in Safari is actually a buffer or tabs so that the user does not have to have actual tabs overcrowding the web browser window. The extensions of the Reading List are also added within the Chrome and Firefox, but, the native application was found out to be the best one offering the service.


Many people does not even know that Safari has extensions too although, they are less than other browsing programs, but, it is good for the memory usage aspect of the Mac operating system. The extensions include a Stop/Reload button, an Ultimate Status Bar and a LastPass option as well. Moreover, the installing of extensions in Safari is also easier as all you have to do is to install the button on the extension website and the work is done.

In Conclusion

Safari might turn out to give a pleasant experience under Windows OS, but for Mac users this could be the best option depending on the course of preferences. It is probably the quickest web browser for Mac operating systems and is in complete integration with its features. The browser is also compatible with the iCloud application which makes the use of it even more beneficial and fun.

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