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Running Windows on a Mac OS X

Running Windows on a Mac OS X

If you are counted among those people who are madly in love with the Apple applications but are not in the favor to use them on the Mac OS X, using them on Windows on the Mac system came out to be the best option for such users. This news has been braked out in three parts of which the second part has been released today. The first part included the criticism on running the Apple Hardware on the Windows operating system which included its performance and life span of the battery. In the second part, the quirks relating to the usability that can be expected from both the aspects of hardware and software will be discussed. The final part will consist of the necessary steps that should be followed in the installation of the Windows 7 in the Mac OS X, obtaining the latest version of BootCamp 4.0, operating on drivers that are completely modified, accelerating Windows to operate excellently on the Mac system plus the tools that make the experience of Mac + Windows an enjoyable one.

In this article I will be covering the second part of the report as it has been released recently. If you have decided to run Windows 7 on a MacBook Air, iMac or Pro, it will be a good point to first study the good and the bad aspects of the program. The previous report discussed the impact of Windows 7 in comparison to the Mac OS X Lion version which resulted out low in terms of battery life and is graded as OK in terms of performance level.

The Good Aspect

The combination of Mac and Windows 7 has turned out to quite an effective one. Below, I will mention those factors that have contributed positively towards the using of Mac + Windows use and why these factors alone turned out to be enough to deal with a certain level of compromises.

Build Quality Rated As Near-Perfect

An obvious factor is that the desktop and laptop lineup of the Apple Inc. has worked out excellently in the market but, the unibody manufacturing of MacBook Air, Mac Mini, MacBook Pro , iMac and Mac Pro are not only attractive but, are quite portable and durable.

A factor of Windows laptop that is quite irritating is the clutter in the hardware such as pseudo-futuristic elements of design in it, the inclusion of unnecessary buttons such as the one that launches the OEM or the continuously flashing LED’s. in clear terms, according to my opinion, no Windows laptop or desktop series of operating systems are built that matches the requirements of a Mac OS X. this point has outweighed all the potential downsides that are a possibility in operating Mac system with Windows 7. The user requires durability and portability features or which he/she can sacrifice a bit of battery life in result.

Third Generation Hardware Features

Till now, the system units of the Mac operating systems were mostly one generation old, but, the latest release cracked out the record. The Sandy Bridge processors of Intel Corporation are widely used among the hardwares of Apple Inc. including the MacBook Air, thereby, eliminating the use of C2D processors. Moreover, the problem of low graphics has also been resolved by the latest product of NVIDIA chips and AMD Radeon 6000 which have proved it to be capable enough for daily system usage.

The Bad Aspect

There are some bad areas which the user will encounter while running Windows 7 on the Mac operating systems, but, the best part is that it can be fixed out easily and in many cases, it would not even be noticed after a few days.

Trackpad Mania

The users of the Windows system will loathe the trackpad of the MacBook when they will use it for the first time. The reason is that there is no designated scroll area or hardware buttons. The usage has a two finger scroll which is effective than various Windows laptops in which the user can decide to either “tap” or “press” in order to make a click. Moreover, the right-click option is enabled by the use of bottom-right of the trackpad.

The most quirky part are the multi-touch gestures that works excellently on the Mac operating system but not on the Windows 7. The pinch-to zoom in feature is quite sensitive along with the trackpad drivers of every version of BootCamp which hampers to set pointer speeds and many a times wrongly locate imput of the trackpad when the user is typing or simply moving around the cursor. This ma result out in a wrong drag and drop command.

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