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*Rock Paper Scissors* Includes Hidden Tethering Feature

Just days after FlashArmyKnife was taking down from the app store another app with an hidden tethering feature has appeared. *Rock Paper Scissors* is currently available in the iOS App store for ?1.99  ( $2.99) and allows you to easily tether with your computer.

It is very simple to do so just follow the instructions below:

1. Press scissors, rock, paper, and then the upper left-hand corner of the screen to access the tethering screen
2. Go to your computer and set up an ad-hoc network
3. Connect your iPhone to that network and set a static IP Address of with the subnet mask of
4. Go back to the application and turn on tethering
5. On your computer, go to network settings and change the proxy settings
6. Put the SOCKS Proxy server as and the port as 1080

It is worthing getting hold of and making sure the app is backed up on to iTunes as Apple will no doubt delete it from the app store with in the next 24 hours.

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