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Rivet Improves Console Streaming

Rivet Improves Console Streaming

With the latest release of Call of Duty Modern Warfare I find myself spending a possibly unhealthy amount of time in front of my Xbox. The Xbox 360 interface has improved massively over the last year and this week saw a number of additional improvements to the Xbox live service, Sky, Twitter and Facebook are now all accessible from the Xbox Live interface making it a massive contender in the home media centre stakes.

Our personal favourite streaming application for Xbox Rivet also received an upgrade this week to version 2.3 I mentioned using Rivet some months ago and really transforms the Xbox (or PS3) into a powerful home media centre, if it could sync it would be perfect.

Rivet is an easy to use and fun way to play all of your favorite media content from your Mac on your TV using your Xbox 360 or PS3, including movies, TV shows, music, photos, and podcasts. You can now easily enjoy all of your media on your big screen TV from the comfort of your living room.

Rivet enables everyone to quickly browse and view their entire collection of digital media from from anywhere in the house on their Xbox 360 or PS3. Your Mac’s folder structure and organization is completely reproduced to allow you to quickly find exactly what you want to view. Navigation is now a breeze. You no longer have to search through a long list to find what you want. Dig in and start watching right away.

Users can now enjoy their media in more ways then every with Rivet. In addition to Xbox 360 and PS3 support, Rivet 2.3 adds official support for the CEIVA Pro 80 picture frames from CEIVA Logic Inc., Denon audio/video receivers, and Plex Media Center for OS X.

Rivet 2.3 also adds a few highly requested features and improvements, along with a host of smaller improvements and bug fixes. Users can now specify an image to use as a thumbnail instead of the QuickLook generated thumbnail giving them more power to view exactly what that want to.

Thumbnails have also been enhanced with a new system that manages their caching to provide better performance and disk utilization. Navigation has also been enhanced with the addition of smart sorting. Titles will no longer include the common words the, a, and an when sorting. Rivet 2.3 also adds a number of speed and performance enhancements that greatly improve parsing of the users media libraries and streaming.

Feature Highlights:

* Xbox 360, PS3, CEIVA Pro 80, Denon AVR, and Plex support
* Music streaming of your iTunes library
* Photo streaming of your iPhoto library, Aperture library, and user defined folders
* Video streaming from user defines folders
* Full organization support, your mac is recreated on the Xbox 360 and PS3
* Video thumbnail and music album art support using QuickLook
* Quick automatic updating on the Xbox 360 and PS3. when files are added, deleted, or moved

Find out more at CynicalPeak Software.

If you use Rivet we would love to hear our experiences and opinions :

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