App Store's New Face! –

Apple has released  and begun to role out a new redesign for category home pages in the App Store. This means a new category feature will give the app store a more 21st century look. this feature has […]

Discovr Music App Review –

Discovr Music is a simple to use mind map of artist that you like. You can find it in the app store for ?1.49 which is a very decent price for iPad and […]

Skype Release Another IOS App

Skype has recently rebranded Skype Access to Skype WiFi, along with releasing another free application for IOS devices. The app will allow people with current Skype Credit to be able to log on […]

Apple Forces Amazon German App Store To Close

Online retailer Amazon has had to close there application store in Germany. Steve Jobs has said that he owns the right to add the word ‘store’ to another word and then claim it […]

djay App review

Well a lot of us are fans of DJ Heros (not the game!), and wouldnt we all want to pull of them tracks! Now you can….. try your best, with the new djay […]

Shazam Application Review

Wow, what an app, im shocked. How does it do it? How many songs can it recognise? This has to be better than doddle jump, im sorry in not much of a gamer […]

iChalky iPhone App Review

This is a great review of the iChalky app thanks to our friend on youtube AppStoreReviewer DOWNLOAD HERE Business Contact: Follow me on Twitter: Have any news or information?  Please e-mail Tips@MacReviews or send […]

Track Hurricane Sandy On Your iPhone or iPad

Track Hurricane Sandy on Your iPhone This is the iOS best application to keep track on Hurricane Sandy and many of the other hurricanes that plague the coast of the United States and Caribbean at this […]

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