The Daily App Report : Citrix GoToMyPc

The GoToMyPc application by Citrix is one of those apps that lets you remotely access your PC from your iDevice or any other device for that matter, as long as you have the sufficient connection […]

The Daily App Report – Yelp App

The yelp application is a great little app that lets you find the places you need quickly and easily. The application can be used to search for places to eat, look for an emergency petrol station and […]

The Daily App Report – Tweetdeck

Currently one of the most popular twitter apps on the app store today is Tweetdeck, and if you read on your about to find out why. Tweetdeck lets you do several very interesting […]

The Daily App Report : Tweetbot

Tweetbot app by Tapbots is one of those twitter applications that you should never leave the house without. Not only does it have its own personality, it can put a lot of useful […]

The Daily App Report : Playbox Application

The Playbox app lets you enjoy and discover new and interesting music and other video trends on YouTube. The app will let you create and manage your favorite videos into different playlists and […]

The Daily App Report : Space Settlers –

Space Settlers is a real time strata and action app that is available for free on the app store and looks like one of the better space-building applications around at the moment! The game features everything […]

The Daily App Report – Buy Notify

Buynotify is an application that lets you get an overview of apple product lifestyles and this overview is based on average data on the product itself. You can review the history of the […]

The Daily App Report – Reveal The Maze

Reveal the maze app features a discover-able maze that you have to play and find the exit too. There are over 108 levels, set in 6 different worlds and the game features 13 different items to help […]

The Daily App Report : Zen Pinball

Zen Pinball is a Video Pinball app that is currently one of the most popular on the app store. It features interactive 3D models, table achievements, world wide leader-boards and friend challenges, rule sheets and cutting edge […]

The Daily App Report : Bluefire Reader

The Bluefire Reader app is a go-to reading application for ePUB and PDF eBooks. Bluefire Reader lets you read digital editions of many eBooks that are protected by the Adobe Content Server, which is one of […]

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