The Daily App Report : Explore Flickr

If your looking for some of the most interesting, vibrant and beautiful images on, then the explore Flickr application is truly for you. The app lets you browse a vast library that is stored on […]

The Daily App Report : Graminator Application

The Granimator app is a graphical wallpaper application that does some of the most amazing things for your wallpaper designs. You can select the shapes, style and backgrounds for your wallpaper and then […]

The Daily App Report : Wikipanion Application

The wikipanion application lets you access Wikipedia faster than ever from your portable device. The app features an easy search and navigation feature, and a great display of the entries on Wikipedia that you want to look at. There […]

The Daily App Report : PCalc Lite

PCalc Lite is one of the best free calculator applications on the app store. It is fully functional and comes complete with a scientific calculator to solve some of those more pesky equations. You […]

The Daily App Report : Bloomberg Application

With the Bloomberg application on your iDevice, you have complete access to the world of business and finance. The app features the latest marketing news,including Economy, Politics, Technology, Health Care, Energy, Spending, Bonds, Commodities, […]

The Daily App Report : WordPress Application

If you run a WordPress website or blog, then you know that it is very important to have access to all your tools while on the go. The WordPress application lets you access every aspect of your […]

The Daily App Report : Citrix GoSkyWatch

The GoSkyWatch application lets you easily and quickly locate stars and many other objects in the night sky. The app can be used for fun or it can be used to aid the amateur or […]

The Daily App Report : Accuweather

Accuweather is an app that brings the latest weather information to you directly from your location or from any place on earth. The application delivers hourly and long range forecasts and lets you […]

The Daily App Report : eFax

The eFax application by j2 Global Communications, is designed to be a companion to your eFax service and gives you the ability to easily send and receive faxes from almost anywhere. You can send faxes […]

The Daily App Report : Dragon Dictation

The Dragon Dictation app by Nuance Communications is an easy-to-use voice recognition app that is powered by Dragon Naturally-speaking and allows you to easily speak and see your text messages. The app has been described as being […]

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