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Typing Instead of Touching: A Keyboard for your iPad

Despite its fabulous design, feather-like weight and compactness, iPad has one drawback – lack of physical keyboard. However, it supports add-on bluetooth keyboards, and that’s good news for those who need to type a lot. We’ve reviewed the three leading wireless keyboard solutions from Apple, Logitech, and Matias.

Apple’s keyboard is the lightest solution out of the three – it weighs only 11.5 oz., including two AA batteries. However, it’s compactness was reached at the cost of the number pad.

On the contrary, Matias’s Folding Keyboard is a full-fledged keyboard, with a full number pad. For the sake of compactness the keyboard folds in half. However, it’s quite heavy – more than one pound, including the batteries – which makes it not that portable.

Logitech’s diNovo Mini is very compact and the smallest out of the three keyboards tested. It also allows for various cursor manipulations in text documents without touching the iPad.

A Keyboard for your iPad


The choice of the keyboard fully depends on you and your needs. If you strive for light weight and compactness, then the Logitech and Apple keyboards are exactly what you need (Apple offers a more reasonable price). If you are a fan of full-fledged, standard keyboards, then the Matias keyboard will be perfect for you.

Folding Keyboard



PRICE: $99.95

REQUIREMENTS: iPad or Bluetooth-compatible Mac

Closest to the standard keyboard, compactness reached by folding in half.

“Sinking” of keys, heavy weight.

Mac Reviews Rating: 3/5

diNovo Mini

COMPANY: Logitech


PRICE: $149.99

REQUIREMENTS: iPad, Bluetooth-compatible Mac, or spare port for optional USB receiver

Ultimate compactness, rechargeable battery.

Not close enough to the standard keyboard, high price.

Mac Reviews Rating: 4/5

Wireless Keyboard



PRICE: $69

REQUIREMENTS: iPad or Bluetooth-compatible Mac

Compactness, low price.

No number pad.

Mac Reviews Rating: 4.5/5

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