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Rdio Review

Rdio is an online service that enables you to listen to music and download it using your browser. Unfortunately, this service is available only for the US and Canada. You can subscribe to one of the two packages: Rdio Web for $5/month and Rdio Unlimited for $10/month. Rdio Unlimited offers access to the service not only via your Mac but also via your mobile phone.


How it Works

Create an account. To use Rdio you first of all need to register at A free three-day trial account is available if you want to test the app.

Log in to display the Dashboard. Once you log in to your account, you’ll see the Dashboard that contains links to the most popular albums and artists as well as your statistics: recent activities, the number of songs and playlists, and the number of followers. As you see, Rdio is close to a social network where you can not only listen to music but also communicate with the like-minded, see which tracks they listen to and share music with them.

Search for music and add it to your collection. Use the Search button to look for music and then add it to your collection or download it to your Mac, iPhone, or whatever device you use. Unfortunately, the search results are quite limited; they display only top tracks and albums instead of all available content.

Sync your iTunes library with Rdio. Download the Rdio Desktop client to sync your iTunes library with the app. With the client you’ll be able to play your music right in your browser. Moreover, Rdio can recommend you what to listen to using your iTunes library, just like the Genius feature of iTunes.

Look for similar tracks. Rdio also has an interesting feature of forming a playlist that contains 25 tracks similar to those of the selected artist. You can add these tracks to your collection.

View track statistics. Click the track to view its full statistics: the number of playbacks, reviews, adding to collections etc. You can also find out who listened to the track and follow these people if you like their tastes.

Share your impressions. With Rdio you can not only listen to music but also write about it. Feel free to post your own reviews of artists, tracks, and albums.


Pros: Flexibility, ease of use and convenience. Ability to sync with iTunes. Ability to follow people like on a social network. Reasonable price.

Cons: Limited search results. Not worldwide.

Mac Reviews Rating: 4.5/5

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