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Less Accounting Review

Less AccountingDespite its name, Less Accounting offers a full package of accounting tools that can be used for a small business. Moreover, it’s Web-based, which makes it even more convenient.

The price of the app varies depending on the account type, from $0 to $300. There are five available packages, from the Free Limited account designed for freelancers that create not that many invoices, to the advanced Bookeeper account that includes even a human accountant helping you!

The basic features of Less Accounting are:

Transaction management,


Time tracking (only as an add-on solution),

Inventory tracking.

To start the work with the app you need to import your banking data. Less Accounting does this quickly and easily.

For your convenience the app enables you to arrange your transactions under categories. Besides the app’s default categories you can create your own. There are also several options for data reporting, but, unfortunately, there are no diagrams or charts. Finally, you can export your data to an Excel spreadsheet.

When it comes to customer interaction, you can create proposals and turn them into invoices, or just create invoices.

As for time tracking, you can implement it only with the free add-on solution called LessTimeSpent.

Finally, you won’t be able to sell or manage your inventory, as Less Everything offers only the inventory tracking option. Therefore it’s suitable only for businesses that don’t implement inventory management.

Less Everything is also available as a mobile version for iPhone.


Pros: Full-featured billing and accounting tools. Ability to link to online banking services. Integration with Wesabe, Basecamp, Highrise, and Shopify accounts. Free version with a wide range of features.

Cons: Limited inventory management functionality. Time tracking available only as an add-on.

Mac Reviews Rating: 4.5/5

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