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iHome iA5 Review

iA5 from iHome is an iPhone-compatible alarm clock. You can also use it as a speaker or a charger for your iPhone. As for the alarm, it can go off even if your iPhone is not mounted to iA5. And that’s it.

However, iA5 can be turned into an advanced alarm clock if you install the freeware iHome+Sleep app. It will give the following features:

– tracking how much time you’ve spent sleeping,

– enabling you to wake up to your favorite songs,

– updating your Facebook or Twitter status every time you wake up or go to sleep (that could seem annoying to most people),

– custom alarms (Sleep Cards) that can schedule your alarm (work only when the iPhone is mounted) .

iHome iA5


If you want some additional features for your ordinary alarm clock, then iA5 equipped with the iHome+Sleep app will be the right choice.




PRICE: $99.99

REQUIREMENTS: iPod or iPhone with Dock Connector

Customizable alarms, sleep habit tracking, social network integration.

Customizable alarms works only when the iPhone is mounted. The app occasionally freezes. Unconvenient placement of the Snooze and On/Off buttons. Social network integration seems to be useless and annoying.

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