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FreshBooks Review

FreshBooksFreshBooks is an online service for business management. As similar desktop apps, FreshBooks has the following functionality:

– Income and expense tracking,

– Estimates management,

– Invoicing,

– Customer payments,

– Human resource management,

– Inventory tracking,

– Time tracking,

– Billing,

– Year-end financial information.

The cost of the app varies depending on the company needs: from $0 to $149 per month. If you have a free account, it’ll display ads on all e-mails and invoices created within the app.

Mobile Integration. FreshBooks also works on iPhone. For greater scalability on the screen you can download MiniBooks for Freshbooks, also compatible with iPod touch. MiniBooks enables you to create new clients, invoices, and estimates.

Status Page. On the FreshBooks homepage you can view current status of all open invoices and estimates, and the time your customers last logged in.

Data Import. FreshBooks also enables you to import customer data from any app. Unfortunately, it’s not possible yet to import the accounting information.

Customer Interaction. New estimates and invoices are emailed to the customers for them to approve the estimate, make payment on the invoice, or ask for changes. Your customers can also create support tickets using FreshBooks. Finally, you can share documents with your customers by placing them to specific folders.

Payment Methods. All invoices contain payment links that can be used by the customers to make payments. FreshBooks support ten different payment methods including PayPal.


Pros: Web-based business accounting accessed from anywhere, with features equal to many desktop-based apps. Efficient time billing. Customer support and issue tracking.

Cons: Limited inventory management functionality. Fewer reports compared to desktop apps. Homepage is not well-organized.

Mac Reviews Rating: 3/5

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