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Dressing up your iPad: An Overview of iPad Cases

An iPad case not only gives your iPad a stylish look, but also protects it from physical damage. We have tested the top four cases and sleeves, taking the functionality and design as main criteria. Let’s see what we’ve got here!


COMPANY: Incipio


PRICE: $34.99

Mac Reviews Rating: 3/5

Molded handles, three colors, ability to charge the iPad without taking it out.

Weight (10.8 oz), inconvenient lock, the screen is not protected.




PRICE: $39.95

Mac Reviews Rating: 3.5/5

Anti-shock neoprene material, two colors.

Useless and inconvenient handle.

Boa Skin XS



PRICE: $29.95


Mac Reviews Rating: 4/5

Compactness, extra screen protection, stretchy fabric, three colors.

One edge of iPad remains unprotected. Minimal padding.

La Robe iPad Allure

COMPANY: be.ez


PRICE: $29.99

Mac Reviews Rating: 4.5/5

Lightweight (4.5 oz), compact, anti-shock foam material, four colors.

Unconvenient zipper may cause the wear of iPad.

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