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Review : Socialite – Social Media Perfection for Mac

Review : Socialite – Social Media Perfection for Mac

Every so often an application comes along that completely changes the way I work, there has been Things for Mac, Tweetie and most recently 1Password. Today sees the release of Socialite a completely new way to work with social media.

When I boot my computer I have a number of applications that automatically load on login (Check out the tutorial on how to do this). There is my Twitter client, Google Newsreader, Flicker client and a browser to access sites such as Facebook.socialite

Socialite seems the end of multiple dock icons as the application offers a one stop solution for the most popular social networks and collaboration websites. On launch Socialite supports, Digg, Facebook, Flickr, Google Reader and Twitter.


Socialite’s Twitter support is brilliant and it will definitely become my main twitter client for Mac. With support for Lists and multiple accounts the big plus for me is that everything is accessible via one window. Socialite fades previously read messages making unread messages instantly obvious.

If you care if someone you follow actually follows back you may be disappointed to know that there doesn’t appear to be a way to check this from within the application. That said though you can block, follow and unfollow users easily from within the main window.

I can follow, retweet, favourite and send a private replies all within one click.  Socialite offers full list support with lists being easily accessible from the main Socialite sidebar although you can’t manage or update a list from the application.


Socialite displays retweets inline, clearly identified along with the name of the poster. The Profile Peek feature is also a really nice way to find out more about a follower (or that someone special you follow).

This feature is especially useful if you join a twitter conversation late and want to view a history of the person’s tweets. Profile Peeks also remain in the sidebar until you delete them making it easy to keep in contact with close twitter friends. Strangely the user’s twitter icon appears upside down along the top bar in Profile peek.

You can tweet images (it took me a while to work out how to do this). First you have to set up a photo sharing account within the preferences, yfrog, twitpic etc are supported as well as RealMac’s Ember service. Then to  tweet an image drag it into the main interface and then add text as usual.

Google Reader

I was slightly nervous loading my 282 feeds into an application that isn’t dedicated to news reading but I have to say Socialite copes perfectly with dozens of groups and hundreds of feeds. A quick sync with Google Reader with so many feeds can be a little bit of a Growl screen overload but once up and running I am completely in love with the reader features.


Socialite allows you to open link, copy link and email link but It would be great if you could tweet a link or quickly add it as a Facebook profile update. If you don’t use Google Reader fear not as Socialite offers full support for direct RSS reading.


Being a bit of a photographer and Photoblogger I have been relying on Flickery as my desktop Flickr application. Socialite offers a really nice Flickr interface.

flickrSocialite allows you to view your, your friends and ‘interesting’ photos directly from the main interface. You can tweet and email your photos directly from the Socialite interface as well as comment and favourite your contact’s work. You can also view a large size version of the photo with one click direct from Socialite.


Socialite offers ‘in application uploading’ and although supports Albums doesn’t get support groups. I will probably be sticking with Flickery as main Flickr application in the meantime but if Socialite offers stats and groups Flickery would have a very worthy challenger.


Socialite offers brilliant Facebook support with profile updates, photo uploading, the ability to add status updates and like the updates of others all without leaving Socialite or an ad in sight.


I really like the way photos are separated from status updates and Socalite has two Facebook options to view your photos and your friends photos. Like Flickr Socialite offers direct in application uploading of photos to your albums.

Quick Send & Shortcuts

shortA number of shortcut options from the preferences window and my favourite is the Quick send option that works easily for both Twitter and Facebook status updates.

The Quick send shortcut isn’t set by default you can easily set it to whatever key combination you desire (I went for Ctr T).

Heads Up Display

Socialite offers a really nice ‘Heads Up Display’ that brings to your notice key changes to your social networks.

You have complete control over what appears in the HUD for example you can restrict Twitter messages to only direct messages or @replies rather than updates in your time line.


Unread Counts

If you have more than one service  set up in Socialite (especially if you use Twitter) you can find the unread count increases at a particularly fast rate. The one negative I have found with Socialite is that there doesn’t seem to be any control over this count or dock icon number.

I would ideally lik
e to be able to restrict the dock count to just direct messages or @replies rather than even message in my twitter stream, but perhaps this feature will come in future releases. You can totally remove a service from the Dock count but not a single aspect of the service.


As well as the services covered Socialite also offers Digg support and I suspect we will see even more social media sites offered over time. Despite not meeting all my Flickr needs and the unread count issue I find it very difficult to fault what is really a Swiss Army Knife of social media software.

The user interface is brilliant, integration with Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and Google reader is flawless in fact it is a stunning upgrade to the original Eventbox application. I really think for a new release Realmac software have pretty much covered every angle in a well polished and well implemented social media solution.

At only ?12.21 there are only two words : Get it ! A full demo version is available on site but is restricted to 3 services.

Realmac Software

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