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Review of Tweetbot for Mac

Twitter has an estimated 450 million users, a number that is sharply increasing by the day with the social networking platform used for business and pleasure. It is filled with quirky silliness but there are also an incredible number of useful apps. Tweetbot for Mac is one of these apps and has just been released. One downside is the fact that it costs $19.99, more than double the cost of similar apps. This puts Tweetbot at something of a disadvantage straight away because the question now is whether or not it is value for money as opposed to whether or not it is merely a good app. Continue reading to find out if Tweetbot for Mac delivers or if it is a waste of money.


Tweetbot is already well known as it has been released on the iPhone and iPad. The easy navigation and tap and hold shortcuts were very popular with users so it is good to have all of these features available for Mac users. The aforementioned tap and hold shortcuts are activated by simply clicking the right button on your Mac. In fact, a couple of clicks is all you need in order to copy a link to a tweet, copy the text of a tweet, send a private message or report a tweet as spam. This all serves to make the Twitter desktop experience feel natural.


Tweetbot for Mac looks and feels very similar to the iOS versions but has been expertly tweaked to suit desktop users. You will find tabs on the left hand side of your screen that are quick shortcuts to messages, favourites, timelines and more. Not happy with the size of the window? Change it! From wide and high to skinny and short, you can experiment with window sizes to find out that best suits you. You can even open tabs in different windows which means you can have several screens open at once, just don’t get confused!

Other tweaks for Mac users include the ability to change date format, font size and display name. You can even place the timeline on top in order to see new tweets as they appear rather than having to scroll. Tweetbot also supports the use of several accounts and allows you to choose sync services, video upload and other options for each account. Looking for notifications for retweets and follows? Simply select it and you will receive them.

TweetBot over Gray


One of the most obvious plus points is the ease of use. It is remarkably similar to Tweetbot for iPhone and iPad in terms of sounds, UI and gestures. It is possible to open several windows at once which is awesome as is the multiple notification options. Having iCloud sync, drafts, list support and four different font sizes is also extremely cool. If you just ignore the price for a minute, it’s clear that Tweetbot for Mac is an excellent app and one well worth purchasing.


When you send tweets, there is an occasional delay which is frustrating. However, the biggest downside with Tweetbot for Mac has little to do with the actual app itself and everything to do with Twitter. The social network has changed their rules and now restricts the number of user tokens that can be used by third party apps. In layman’s terms, Tweetbot for Mac is limited edition and only a certain amount of people will be able to purchase the app. This is the main reason why Tapbots have priced the app so high. A limited market always means increased prices and Twitter have essentially forced the hand of the Tweetbot for Mac developers.


The keyword shortcuts are excellent though some work needs to be done in this area; switching between accounts is still pretty slow and can certainly be improved. It would also be great to have a global keyboard shortcut in order to launch the app but in general, it is fair to say that Tweetbot for Mac is the number one Twitter app that is currently available on the Mac. The fact that only a limited amount of Mac users will ever be able to use Tweetbot is a real shame and for that we have Twitter to blame.

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