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Review Of Mac Accessibility Gadgets

Mac is all about making sure that everyone can use their products, and their accessibility functions on the iPhone and iPad means that people with vision loss and hearing loss can use their phones just like the rest of us. There are still some things that the operating system cannot do all by itself, which is why there are some great companies including Apple themselves who have created accessibility gadgets. This is a brief review of just some of them here, and no doubt that there are a lot more products out there that can help to make your mobile mac device easier for you to use.

–         Sena ZipBook for iPad

This of course is an iPad only gadget but you will find many of these that will fit your iPhone and iPod should you want this. Having a trusted and sturdy protection case is key for your device. Accidents happen all the time and you would hate to drop your device or knock it onto the floor and have it break. The ZipBook combines everything great about iPad cases- it closes with a zip so your device can’t fall out, it folds back into a stand, and it’s strong. It can withstand a few knocks and drops (but you should still avoid dropping your device). This is a great accessibility gadget because it’s one of the sturdiest available and it is also easy for people who have mobility issues to open. The zippers are big and easy to use so people who have difficulties controlling their arms should have no problem opening and closing this gadget.

–         Music Link Single earphone

This is a great device that helps people with hearing loss to better hear their device. This single earphone automatically sets the volume to play all tracks through the one piece rather than losing some of the sound or volume if you have both earphones plugged in. This gadget also amplifies sounds and provides the wearing with a clearer sound because it eliminates background noise as feedback. The company also makes duel earphones which also help by increasing the clarity of the noise while cutting back on the feedback. People who have hearing loss will love this gadget, but so will everyone else who loves to hear great music.

–         Pogo Stylus

Again, this is a great gadget for everybody, not just those who have mobility problems. The Pogo Stylus is one of only few Apple approved styluses that will actually work with your iPod, iPad, and iPhone. If you’re having trouble touching the right buttons or keys because your fingers are shaking or you cannot bend them in the proper way then the Pogo Stylus is here to help. Other styluses won’t work with the Apple design but this one is specially crafted to have the same soft touch as a finger tip. You can use this stylus just as you would a finger. Even if you don’t have a problem you just don’t like touching the phone with your finger then this is the gadget for you.

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