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Review : Morph Age Pro

Review : Morph Age Pro

I have always been mesmerised by video clips that take one object or person and transforms them into a completely different shape. Morphing as it is called is made exceptionally easy with Creaceed’s Morph Age software. Morph Age is an application for morphing/warping images and movies on Mac OS X, such as faces, and then saves the result to a QuickTime movie.

Morph Age works by allowing you to define curves on one or more images. Any change made on the curves is reflected on the resulting image through the corresponding distorsion and morphing effect. Morph Age can also work from QuickTime movies as curves can be animated with keyframed motion. One talking face can be morphed into another talking face as they are talking!

To test the power of Morph Age I decided to take two random images of people who are different ends of the age spectrum. I selected am image that would challenge the software (as there was a hand over an aspect of the face). I hate applications that have a steep learning curve, I want to be able to transform and export with applications like this so I have myself a strict ten minute limit.

The process is simple. Import Image A (starting image) and Image B (end image). Using Morph Age’s tools you then draw over and wire frame the key aspects of Image A. A subsequent red mesh then appears on Image B that you then manoeuvre to the correction location on this image. E.g. Map the left eye on image A to the left eye on Image B etc. You can spend as much time on this as you like and obviously the more time the more accurate and spectacular the resultant video will be.

As you can see for ten minutes work and using only six points of reference Morph Age has done a pretty amazing job in morphing the two images and with more time I have no doubt the result would be cinema quality.

Note I decided to opt for creating a complete custom identifying key shapes within the faces and by doing so can really see the power of the application. If you are going to be working with faces Morph Age has a face frame. Click the tool along the top window and a stand shape face is applied to both images.

You can tweak the shape of each face quickly and easily before exporting. The differences between my custom creation and using the face frame are very noticeable but it gives you some idea of how much custom control you have in this application.

This is the video output using the faces frame tool. This video was produced in less than one minute from importing the videos.

You can decide which you think is best but I really am not even scratching the surface of what this application can do.

Morph Age makes You can take still at the various stages or Morph or output the process as a video. In this case I cropped the video slightly (from within the application) and exported in H.264. You can also export full sized TIFF, JPG or PNG files. I have uploaded one to flickr here.

Non-linear transformations

In Morph Age, not only shapes and curves can be animated at will, in a fully controlled way, but also blending. Blending tells what amount, or percentage, of the first image that you want to combine with the second one. In a man to tiger morphing animation for instance, it makes it possible to have a man quickly show up with the tiger fur while still having human traits. Or in a man to man project, have a 30/70 mix for the traits, while having a 60/40 on textures for interesting effects.

In my demo I didn’t even scratch the surface of the advanced tools but it is great to know they are there if I want to customise the output. In other words this isn’t just a fun map and transform application, it is a powerful frame by frame editor. If you have a Morphing idea in mind or your start and end images are perfect then Morph Age can work with you to obtain the desired results.


Zooming allows accurate curve placement. This is necessary as Morph Age offers sub-pixel accuracy. The real-time preview rendering can also be zoomed and can serve to assist precise curve placement.

Adding Colour

Morph Age has colorizing options that makes it possible for Hulk-like warp effects. This works by allowing the user to define, independently for each curve, a color that will “bleed” on the underlying image parts. This color bleeding is animated consistently with the deformation.


Layers in Morph Age is a way to express that parts of the image are above others. This is used to express that the chin is above the clothes and that whenever the chin is moved downwards, it should pass over them (and not under).

Real-time Rendering

Morph Age uses advanced GPU rendering techniques, allowing real-time preview even for mega-pixels image.

Morph Age has been designed with the Mac user firmly in mind. You can import various image formats from any sources, including direct access to your iPhoto and iMovie media.

You can even use your iSight, which is bundled with almost every mac nowadays, directly from within Morph Age to import a picture or animation. The rendered animation is in QuickTime format, enabling further composition in Final Cut Pro or iMovie, or even export it to your video iPod!


If you are looking for a way of creating cinematic or TV quality morph transformations then Morph Age Pro is definitely the tool for the job. If you want to create video morphs i.e. go from one moving image to another moving image then you will need the Pro version. Regular has
most of the latest advances in morphing features, including Smart Assist and interactive preview. The Pro version also offers frame accurate processing and advanced keyframed animation.

Morph Age Regular : $59.95
Morph Age Pro : $149.95

Links: Morph Age

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