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Reports Suggest iOS 7 "Does Not Fit" On iPhone 4/4S

Reports Suggest iOS 7 “Does Not Fit” On iPhone 4/4S

With Apple set to release their brand new operating system iOS 7 today, MacReviews has learned through its own sources that not everyone is happy with how it looks on their phone.

Its new, its bold and its brighter, but iOS 7 is, apparently, not fitting all to well on some of Apple’s older devices, with photos posted on Facebook showing the icons very close to the edge of the screen and almost “squashed together”.


iOS 7 looks squashed on iPhone 4S Homescreen

iOS 7 looks squashed on iPhone 4S Home-screen


Apple is set to release the new updates to the world today and it would seem that there may well be a few very confused iPhone customers, especially if you own one of Apple’s iPhone 4S devices which are said to be one of the phones affected by the “odd look” on the homepage and other pages.

While the photos do show all the new and beautifully updated icons and layout, there are defiantly positioning issues on the iPhone 4S with regards to how far the icons are from the edge of the screen.


Some of the icons seem to be uncovered at the top

Some of the icons seem to be touching the bottom of the screen


Another big difference from the iPhone 5 display is that iOS 7 will only display 4  rows of icons on iPhone 4 / 4S where as on the iPhone 5, its 5 rows.  This has left some Apple developers very confused and upset with them getting used to the 5 icon display on iOS 6.

Are you are unhappy with how the new OS looks on your phone?  Please let us know what you think down in the comments section below or on twitter by tweeting @macreviews or posting #AFS in your tweet.

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