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Remote Disc Sharing When the SuperDrive Doesn’t Work

Remote Disc Sharing When the SuperDrive Doesn't Work

So you put your DVD in the Mac, and find out that its DVD drive is not working anymore. In such a case, getting another CD drive is not the only solution. You can get your work done if you have another PC or Mac on LAN, which you can access remotely from your Mac.

Optical drivers are one of the spinning computer components. They are easily susceptible to break downs, and hence they just stop working. The SuperDrive of a Mac comes expensive, and buying an external device would be expensive too since you might not use it that often. This makes it hard for you to access your files that are there on CDs or DVDs.

MacBook Air was introduced in the year 2008, and it did not have a DVD drive. So Apple gave the option of remotely accessing other system’s DVD drive instead. If the other system is working on same LAN, any Mac or PC can serve as host. Though the remote disc sharing function does not work as such on all the Macs, it is present in hidden mode and you can unlock it if the Mac is running on 10.5 or higher. Follow these steps:

Configuring the system with broken drive

The Mac with broken SuperDrive has to be configured to work with remote disc sharing. It is an easy process. Open Terminal from Utilities under Applications and run these commands:

defaults write EnableODiskBrowsing -bool true

Then press Enter. Then run:

defaults write ODSSupported -bool true

Once you have run both these commands, simply restart your system. Now we have to configure the other system running on LAN.

Configuring the system with working drive

If the host system is a Mac as well, then it is pretty easy. Just go to the System Preferences, and click on Sharing. Then check on the box that says “DVD/CD sharing”. You can also enable the option of asking you before others can use the DVD drive. Now just insert the CD.

Using the CD

Now go to the Mac that has broken drive. Open the Finder and see that there is ‘RemoteDisc’ in sidebar under Devices. Click on it, and the you will see shared host device. The DVD contents would be automatically mounted if you hadn’t checked the option of ‘Ask before other users share this’.

There is a downside of this. You cannot watch movies using this method. But yes, you can copy and view files, as well as install software.

So if your SuperDrive stops working, and you do not want to spend extra money on new parts, then you know just what to do.

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