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Reinventing the Remote Control with Voomote

Reinventing the Remote Control with Voomote

Today sees the release of a very exciting media centre remote system for iPhone or iPod Touch. Voomote is an exciting software remote for the most popular Mac based media applications including Boxee, Elgato EyeTV, Apple Front Row and DVD Player.

Voomote allows you to easily control your Mac comfortably from your sofa, watch TV, play back your media, switch seamlessly between Front Row and EyeTV. No direct line of sight is needed, as VooMote for iPhone works with WiFi.

The Concept

The idea of Voomote is really simple i.e. to replace buttons with gestures. The classic remote controls looked like calculators with rows and columns of buttons. Every functionality has a button, and more functionalities resulted in more buttons. So remote controls became pretty big yet suspiciously losable.

Voomote replaces all the buttons with touch-gestures to easily control your media. You can browse every menu by using swipe gestures. Swipe left, swipe right, up and down. It couldn’t be simpler, the easy-to-learn Smart-Gestures give you direct access to all the functionalities you need.

Step 1

You need to have Voomote receive installed on your Mac. This is a free download from the website.

Step 2

Buy and install the Voomote mobile application from the iTunes Apps Store. The current UK cost is ?2.99 Buy it here (iTunes link). Once installed you can now START the application. Initially I thought the application was crashing but it can take up to a minute for Voomote to list the applications available on the host Mac.

Controlling Voomote is remarkably simple. Click the launch the application and use the surface of your iPhone or Touch to control the application on the Mac.

voo1 voo2 voo3

Controlling the remote applications such as EyeTV is very easy with Voomote and after a few minutes of playing with the various gestures I found I was able to quickly make my way around the main controls, change channels and easily adjust the volume.


If you run an AppleTV as your main home media solution then the bad news is the Voomote isn’t compatible but if you are running a Mac Mini Media Center (read our overview here) then the voomote could just offer you something special.

I don’t think the Voomote e remote application is even trying to compete with the likes of a Logitech Harmony controller but it does offer a really different yet remarkably easy to use and way to control your Mac remotely ideal for most Mac Media Centre configurations.

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