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Refurbished Macs – A Buying Guide

Refurbished Macs – A Buying Guide

If you are among those many people who have budget limits but also requires buying a new operating system and moreover, you are also an Apple Mac’s fan and does not want to switch over to other systems, than the option of a refurbished Mac operating system is your ultimate and best choice.

There has been dedicated a special section from where you can easily buy a refurbished Mac along with several other refurbished products such as iPads, iPods and other Apple related product line. The lineup of Apple’s refurbished brands runs the gamut from Mac Minis to laptops to iMacs having big 27 inch monitors. Some of these operating systems are considered to be pre-owned, whereas, other might have been returned to the company due to some technical disablement within the machine. No matter what they are, they still share two things in common: They have been restored, buffed and has been packaged to meet the set standards of Apple and they are much cheaper as compared to buying a brand new Mac.

Apple claims that refurbished Mac operating systems are subject to alterations within them so as to meet the Finished Goods requirement of the company which means that the system you are going to buy will be in equal terms in technical aspects in comparison to that very same unit in a brand new position.

The selection that the refurbished Mac systems holds is ever-shifting in nature such as in the afternoon of Black Friday, the inventory had both MacBook Air and MacBook Pro, varying sizes of iMac, Mac Pros along with several other units of Mac Mini. Although, the inventory was a bit older which had several units dating back to the 2010 models along with a very few models of 2009. Moreover, units release during the time period of February to May 2011 which was also inclusive of the latest version of iMac and MacBook Pro.

Pricing Aspect

Although, the pricing strategy of Apple is not yet been made public, but a research on the refurbished Mac inventory generates a generic insight: If you are willing to save some money, you will have to opt for an older model.

In general aspects, the total savings after investing in refurbished Mac systems ranges from 11 percent to 16 percent off the original price of the unit, but, there are also several bigger deals that can be obtained from buying a refurbished Mac operating system.

Warranty Aspects

Another great thing about refurbished Mac systems is that they are made available with a one year warranty facility that is supported by Apple. Moreover, for future assistance, AppleCare is also available consulting your Mac related issues for up to three years which is similar to all other new Apple units.

Why to opt for a refurb Mac over a new system

Not everyone likes the idea of buying a refurbished Mac system as they are willing to obtain the latest original model released. There are few cases such as the professional video editors tend to take the latest Apple Mac model mainly because of the Thunderbolt technology that is not been made part of the Apple Online store that holds refurbished Macs.

For everybody else, a refurbished Mac provides several great benefits. A major advantage associated is that if you are new to the product, you can first buy a refurbished Mac so as to get to know the machine at a lower cost as these machines also offer the same level of reliability as well as easy interface of a new Mac that has the same available protections but at a much reduced price tag.

Other Options for Buying Cheap and Reliable Mac Systems

There are several other ways either through which you can buy a refurbished Mac or that is via the Apple’s clearance sale of new but older operating systems that were either never sold out or taken out from their packed box. The selection this way offers is quite down than what can be expected from the refurbished collection.

Moreover, the clearance section of the Apple Online Store holds quite a small inventory level which might sometimes reach to only one Mac model available for sale. Another option can be to look for an independent seller as there are many out there.

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