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Refresh Coming To iMac's and Mac Pro In 2013

Refresh Coming To iMac's and Macbook Pro In 2013

For those of you watching the WWDC live coverage yesterday, you will have seen the release of the iOS 6 Beta and the announcement of the new MacBook Pro laptops.  There was one noticeable absentee from the keynote however as many people were expecting new information on updates to the iMac and Mac Pro series.

The desktops did receive a spec boost but it was so tiny that Apple decided there was no need to mention it on stage and this left many fans disappointed and confused as to where these projects lie within the company.

This, however may not be case for much longer as it has now been revealed from a top exec in Apple that new (or updated) versions of the iMac and Mac Pro are under development and hopefully due for release in 2013!

Everyone at is really excited about these developments and we will bring you any updates to this story as soon as we get it!

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