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Reeder : iPad RSS Reader Heaven

Reeder : iPad RSS Reader Heaven

Well it is finally here, Reeder for iPad hits the iTunes Apps store and it was worth the wait. For the last year Reeder for the iPhone (read our review) has been my Google Reader client of choice and I a happy to say the iPad version fails to disappoint. I have struggled over the last few weeks for a Google Reader client that I was happy with (read my initial thoughts here). Reeder surpasses my expectations.

Surpassing Expectation

Reeder doesn’t look like a traditional iPad application in that is has steered away from the default Apple UI. In many ways it  more like the interface used in the Photos App than a traditional news reader and perhaps this is why it works so well.

Simply enter your Google Reader details and Reeder does the rest. The experience is remarkably intuitive, pinch and expand to view the contents of a folder or tap to view news items as a list. The image below shows under items within groups.

As you can see from the above screen grab the Reeder interface is simple and remarkably easy to navigate. Pinch on a group to peek inside or click on the folder to view the contents directly.

Tapping the white dot (on lefthand side) hides previously read items.

Tapping on a feed opens the article view. This view is a little more like a traditional application featuring the item list on the left of the screen and the article on the right.

Moving between articles is remarkably simple using the up  and down arrows but you can also flick the main article up or down to scroll through the list. It just works.

I subscribe to a few feeds that don’t offer the full article. As you can see above the BBC only offer an article abstract.

Tapping on the title loads the item in full screen. Reeder actually makes for a spectacular full screen web browser.

Sharing is also made easy in Reeder, find an article you want to share with friends click on the share button for a range of options. (I have included the share feature in the screen grab below). I predict you will see additional services such as Tumblr added to this list in the next few months.

Webclip Icons

As you can see in the screenshot below a number of feeds feature images in their folder icons. In these cases Reeder is pulling the webclip icon for the site and adding it to the folder. This is actually really easy to do you if you have your own website.

Create an image called apple-touch-icon.png around 150 pixels by 150 pixels (although Reeder will scale larger items). Upload the image to your server and simply add the following line to your website header. Thanks to Trond from for the tip.

<link rel="apple-touch-icon" href="/addresstoyourimage.png"/>

This will not only add the image to your feed icon in Reeder but also allow users to bookmark your site on their iPhone/iPad dashboard using the same icon image. Sadly on the three hundred feeds I am subscribed to only four used a webclip icon which is a bit of a pity.


Reeder for iPad was certainly worth the wait. It revitalises the process of reading RSS feeds and makes the experience effortless.

It is amazing just how quickly I can open the app, check for the new items, process them and be on my way. If you use Google Reader your quest for a news reader is over just  make sure you have our feed in your subscription list (Total Apps RSS Feed).

Reeder costs ?2.99 and is worth every penny. Get it here.

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