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Reeder For Mac Is Now Available

Reeder For Mac Is Now Available

So Riilvizzi, the developer of Reeder made a promise that they will launch a beta version of public Reeder for Mac. It will be launched by November ending, and he was true to his word. The latest Mac Reeder ‘1st draft’ is now on the internet – waiting to be downloaded.

The launch of Reeder on Mac is followed after its launch on iPad and iPhone.

This is the first and a rough beta version of the Reeder that has been going on for many months. It still does lack some key features like downloads, search and in-app feed management, but then- this is just the rough version. This app is stable and fast, but it certainly isn’t the first version. They are already looking for feedback to improve it soon.

If you are already using Reeder on your iPad or iPhone, then you know how great this app is, but for the others, take a look at this video- you will absolutely fall in love with this app.

Since the first Reeder version for Mac showed up a few weeks ago, things have changed. Rizzi has updated a lot of things and polished up the look and feel of this app. Plus, he has added many features- with prominent ones being regarding sharing.

Apart from that, the navigation of the unread items has been redesigned in Google Reader, as folders are added and subscriptions have shifted to the left side- this is more like the iPad look.

And because Reeder was a smash hit with the iPhone and iPads, it was natural for the Reeder people to launch it on Mac. The goal of this app is to simplify your consumption of news and to make a place for news that is not found on web. This would make you get away from distractions and enjoy the news.

One thing is for sure – Mac Reeder will be huge and soon. Just let it pass through the initial testing phase, and you will soon find it at the Mac App store.

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