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Top Mac Data Recovery Apps

Have you ever deleted important files from your Mac by accident? Actually it is the most common human error made by many computer users. Nowadays most people tend to do their daily activities in a rush, so instead of saving their files they remove them and then regret a lot.

However, don’t get upset if you lost your files, as there is a number of ways you can recover them. Data recovery applications available today can effectively restore lost files. But the question is, “Which data recovery program is the best?” If you are one of the many people asking this question, then it’s time to find the answer.

Let us bring your attention to some of the best Mac data recovery programs.

  1. MacKeeper – This is the best system utility that offers a whole bunch of tools and services when it comes to Mac maintenance. One of the most remarkable MacKeeper’s features is Undelete. This tool will perform a deep scan of all your hard disk drives to search for lost or deleted files. It is also capable of recovering files from external data storage devices and online storages such as FTP servers.
  2. DiskWarrior – This is the most advanced and powerful utility for Mac computers. It is able to recover your files, folders, documents and even restore data from corrupt hard disk drives.
  3. Stellar Phoenix – This Mac data recovery software is specially designed to recover files lost due to some logical crashes. It is also capable of restoring lost data from corrupt disks.
  4. Boomerang – This software can bring back your lost data in a short span of time. It can tackle almost any type of recovery such as accidental deletion of files, lost or damaged partitions.
  5. VirtualLab – Whether the reason for data loss is unintentional removal, accidental formatting, viruses, damaged partitions or a reinstalled operating system, VirtualLab can recover the data for you. It is easy to use and works for almost any storage media type.

In case of data loss you need to act as quickly as possible. Get the best Mac data recovery software now to recover your files before it gets too late. But don’t forget to test and try it before purchase!

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