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Recover your Lost iTunes Playlists

Recover your Lost iTunes Playlists

Oh my god, my iTunes playlist got accidentally deleted!!

Seems like a small problem, but when you have all your favorite songs stored in one playlist, it really is hard to consider it any less than a disaster.

And this keeps happening to many people everyday, so you can rest assured that you are not the first one, and you wouldn’t be the last one either. The first step that you should take is to stop panicking. You can resolve this in a short time. It really is very simple to restore the iTunes library. To start playlist restoration, you need to exit your iTunes. After closing iTunes, you have to look for the iTunes folder. If you installed the application on its default location, then you can find it at / Users / [your user name] / Music. When you find the specific folder, just open it and search for a file named iTunes Music Library.xml

Now drag this file out of the folder and to your desktop. Now delete the iTunes Library file.

And now open iTunes. Go to the Menu bar of iTunes and select the Library option under the File menu. From there, select Import Playlist. This action will open a window for file selection. Move to the file iTunes Music Library. xml using this window- you can find that file on your desktop. And Bingo! You will see that iTunes has recreated your deleted playlist.

Though this fix is very easy as you can see, but make sure to keep one simple thing in mind- Do not import new content to this iTunes library file before importing the file iTunes Music Library. xml. If you do that, you will alter the music library of iTunes, thereby leaving the xml file useless.

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